Very strange kernel panic with 6.1-Release

Eric W. Bates ericx at
Wed Nov 22 21:33:42 UTC 2006

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rtsit wrote:
> The last time I retrieved "src-all" with cvsup, I ran
> a  "make buildworld" then a "make buildkernel" a "make
> installkernel" and "a mergemaster -p" and a "reboot"
> I did all of this remotely, and the box never came
> back.
> Is it possible to CVSup a box from remote?  My box is
> a 2 hour drive from me.

I've done it many times.  I have not tried with 6.1.

Generally it is doable if you are going from one minor revision to the
next. However, trying to do it across a major revision is problematic.

Usually when you are supposed to run in single user, I let the machine
boot more or less normally (might comment out some stuff in rc.conf) and
after I ssh back in, I start killing processes. Just be careful not to
cut yourself off at the knees.

The most elegant way, of course, is to set your console onto the serial
port and use an old PortMaster 2 as a console server. Works quite
nicely; but obviously requires more advanced planning.

>> CVSUP to latest 6.1, it has some panic fixes. Based
> on >what you posted, it looks
>> similar to panics I had which are now fixed in latest
>> FreeBSD.
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