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Sat Nov 4 18:47:02 UTC 2006

This advisory is based on exclusive insiders/agents information. (NHVP.PK) 
NHVP has provided investors with 1000% + gains during the real estate boom, and now with the sector at its bottom, is ready to provide with results yet again..

OCT 13th: Northeast Development Corp. to Receive Funding from European Investment Firm. Preliminary discussions suggest figures of -3 million with a combination of real estate and equity collateralization. 

at 08 cents its a STEAL

- Volume: 8,000
- Volume: + 100% 
- Price: +100% 

The key to any tade is buying low and selling high, WELL the REAL ESTATE market has bottomed out and time to get in is now. We specialise in calling market bottom and when it comes to REAL ESTATE THIS IS THE BOTTOM, SO GET IN FOLKS

"The truth is the Democrats can't answer that question," Bush said. "Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory. Second guessing is not a strategy.
"Nine days ago, one of the worst tragedies in the 100-year history of the Forest Service took the lives of five heroes," U.S. Forest Service Chaplain Steve Seltzner said as the service began. "It has shaken this agency and the men and women of the San Benardino National Forest to its very core and shocked the entire world."
Democrats say they are ahead in many races because of the public's growing dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq. And polls show that a clear majority of Americans see the war as a mistake and far fewer support the president's handling of it.
"President Bush has never had a plan to win in Iraq, and now that Democrats and Republicans are all calling for change, he's desperately clinging to his stay the course," said Adrianne Marsh, a spokeswoman for McCaskill who was finishing a four-day statewide tour and plans to begin a 24-hour campaign blitz in St. Louis on Friday evening. "It's unfortunate that Talent is one of the only Republicans who agrees."

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