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Boris Samorodov bsam at
Thu Jun 1 12:15:04 PDT 2006

On Thu, 1 Jun 2006 18:24:35 +0300 Odhiambo Washington wrote:

> I have a few hundred VIP clients (yes, some are more VIP than others)
> who I'd like to notify, via SMS, whenever we have any network problem
> and also immediately such a
> problem is resolved.

> What I'm looking for is some software that I can use to do this,
> within FreeBSD. I hope one of the experts in this area has done
> one so I don't have to wait for the invention.
> `make search key=sms` from within the ports did give some apps,
> but I did not see one that is capable of looking at a database
> of contact numbers and sending that one sms to all of them.
> Of course I do expect a reply/delivery report after sending the sms.

> Any good pointers will be appreciated.

We use:

Nagios is used to lookup on host and services. When a problem occures,
it sends a letter to address <user-sms>@domain. Exim has router:
  transport = mail2sms
  driver = manualroute
  local_part_suffix = -sms
  route_list = *

...and transport:
  driver = pipe
  user = mailnull
  command = /usr/local/bin/ 

The last script is at the attachement. It uses a Subject field as a
text to send via sms and write an outgoing message to
/var/spool/sms/outbox. Gammu smsd daemon is scanning this directory
for any existing files and send them via GSM phone. This phone is
connected to our server via COM or USB port (Prolific Technology chip
USB-to-COM cable for the latter).

/var/spool/sms/db/phones is the file with lines
<target-phone-number>\tab<user-sms at domain>:
+7495NNNNNNN    bsam-sms at

We have been using this technology for a year and don't have any
claims so far.

Boris B. Samorodov, Research Engineer
InPharmTech Co,
Telephone & Internet Service Provider

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