Fix dates via IMAP on messages

Sean Winn sean at
Wed Jul 19 06:25:13 UTC 2006

It is far from trivial; there's a huge variety of just completely  
weird/ambiguous date formats placed in Date:, usually by spamware  
(time zone non-existent or invalid? times that don't even exist due  
to DST? 01/02/2005 - is that Feb 1 or Jan 2? Guess by time zone ...  
or is 'EST' US or AU EST?). It'd be great if they were the only  
source - tag them at epoch, and they all get sorted out of the way.  
Unfortunately, there's a bunch of broken mail servers/clients out  
there just as bad, from people who've never read the RFCs. Trusting  
the Received header placed by your own mail server is usually a  
better idea - it's at least consistent, and matches what should be  
the time stamp on the maildir files rather than some clients idea of  
time. I wish I'd thought of it during migration to courier I had to do.

On 19/07/2006, at 4:01 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

>> It's far from trivial using the Date header.
> Oh bugger off.  Rick Adams' getdate.y can handle pretty much  
> anything you throw at it.  Face it: it dealt with all the crap  
> bnews threw at it for close to two decades.
> --lyndon
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