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Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Nov 17 12:28:38 GMT 2005

Peter Clutton wrote:
> On 11/17/05, mike at <mike at> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>        I'm looking into several backup options for my site.  We have a
>>mixed (BSDI/FreeBSD/Linux) environment.  We recently got a 2TB server and
>>I was wondering what the general consensus was on backups.  I was either
>>considering writing some custom scripts to just tar, zip, and dump data
> FWIW, i have read that by far the best is dump, because of the way it
> deals with the raw data. No need to worry bout files with holes in
> them (with other backup tools, this could mean you may not be able to
> fit the file system back on after backup, if there are core files etc)
> I believe i read this in the O'Rielly text Unix Power Tools, but could
> be wrong. They also referenced an extensive test that was done by
> someone, and gave the link. I will post it if i find it.

rsync handles sparse files just fine.


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