preventing a user to start a process

Gustavo A. Baratto gbaratto at
Mon Jul 25 20:31:19 GMT 2005

Use php safe_mode. This will prevent the execution of external commands from 
php. Depending on you what you mean by "usable", this may be a problem.

Or make sure php doesnt allow uploads to /tmp or /var/tmp (disable FTP in 
PHP). This will prevent the ircs or any other scripts to be uploaded in the 
first place.

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Subject: preventing a user to start a process

> Hello,
> is it possible to bar a user (www) from starting a process?
> I've a irc daemon running under the uid www. I think
> this was done by php. What would be the best way to prevent
> this (php should be remain usable)? I've installed ipfw rules,
> but this doesn't prevent the starting of the process.
> Kind regards,
> Thomas.
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