Webmail Recommendations

John Von Essen john at essenz.com
Tue Jul 12 13:48:51 GMT 2005

There is nswm (http://www.nikosoft.net/nswm/). I have found it to be very
usefull when you run a traditional POP3/SMTP mail setup, but then want a
light-weight webmail interface for clients that doesn't shake things up
too much. nswm is just a web-based pop3-client that reads (doesn't delete)
msgs off the pop3 server. So when a user goes home and uses outlook, msgs
no longer appear in nswm. Its great for POP3 users, who say, go on
vacation, and then want to see some of those new emails. Once they get
home, they then pop it all off.

In my experience, you either do IMAP with 100% Webmail, or POP3 only - and
some sort of pop3-ish webmail interface to satisfy customers. Obviously,
if you have alot of remote users, you dont do IMAP over the net -
so thats why you force 100% webmail participation.

Also, nswm is perl based - so you can customize it until your blue in the


On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Lisa Casey wrote:

> Hi,
> I've used Null WebMail for several years now. It's not fancy, but it's simple & easy to set up and works well.
> Lisa Casey
> Netlink 2000

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