rndc reload and BIND9

John Von Essen john at essenz.com
Wed Jul 6 15:02:16 GMT 2005

Following a post I had about BIND9, I need to verify a certain behavior
with BIND9 and issuing a rndc reload.

Instead, of having a master and slave, I am going to have two masters. One
master is the real master, the other gets replicated via rsync. The main
reason for this approach is to cut down on all the zone transfers (we
have 12,000 domains).

After every hourly rsync, I will issue a rndc reload. If anything has
changed, named will see it with the new serial number. Does the reload
keep dns functionality up and running while it performs the reload?

A pure stop and start will take about 55 seconds, which isn't acceptable
every hour. But if the reload (which appears to take 10 seconds) is
gracefull and keep existing functionality intact while it reloads, then
that would be great. Just need to verify.


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