Workarounds for blocked port 25 on outgoing e-mail

Jay Banks jay.quest4 at
Sat Aug 20 14:44:02 GMT 2005

From: "Sean Winn" wrote:
> Port 587 is the mail submission port, and is supported by sendmail, 
> postfix, exim etc with little problems. The only client I'm aware of 
> that makes it difficult to use a different port is Eudora, and even 
> then they document a way of doing it (changing the eudora.ini file).

I played around with this some more and it does work! Thanks
so much. This solved a long standing problem of mine.

I did try it with my FreeBSD sendmail/popa3d setup (with
smtp before POP authentication turned on), however, and I get:

   Relaying denied', Port: 587, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error:
   550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

I guess I'm going to have to research and do some
configuration to get it to work?

Now if I could get our Exchange server to do this, I could
make a lot of our employees happy.

Thanks guys!

Jay Banks

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