2 adsl connections load balancing with natd/ipfw

Chris Cook ccook at arkansasdoc.com
Wed May 26 07:05:17 PDT 2004

Yes, but you will not be able to load balance incoming connections, only
outbound requests, and the packets would not be evenly distributed as in a
true load balancing scenario.

Chris Cook
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Emre Bastuz wrote:

>So far I did not find any tutorial or howto or whatever to achieve my goal
>FreeBSD. I assume right now there is no satisfying way to use your two
>with BSD except with dedicated hardware.

Isn't it possible to use ipnat on a FreeBSD box, and use the load 
distribution/reverse nat stuff in it to spread the requests out between 
the two connections?  It's not perfect, but it's something. 

Basically, I think you'd set up a FreeBSD box as 'the router', so 
clients would point to it's interface for their gateway (or however you 
want to set it up), then the FreeBSD box would distribute requests 
between the two 'real' router IP's.  I'm not certain this will work, but 
just a thought..


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