Question about virus/spam filtering for customers with mail servers

Pat Lashley patl at
Tue Jul 27 14:10:05 PDT 2004

--On Tuesday, July 27, 2004 08:53:35 -0500 Bob Martin <bob at> wrote:

> The issue here isn't the MTA. It's running a primary server
> as a secondary, with the DNS "primary" being unreachable.
> Exim can't fix that, nor postfix or any other MTA.
> The first server to receive the mail should be the primary in DNS.

Yes, it should.  My response was too terse; I should have made
it clear that what is trivial in Exim is setting up a router/
transport to forward the customer's mail to a specific host
rather than using MX records.  That would completely eliminate
the need for an MX record pointing to the customer's server.


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