L2TP LNS setup

User Ernie ernie at spooky.eis.net.au
Tue Jan 27 19:30:08 PST 2004

> Ernie,
>    Did you manage to get anywhere with this?  I am currently facing the
> same situation.  The FreeBSD l2tpd looks like it should be able to do what
> I'm looking for, but it does appear to be very untested.
>    Tom

Hi Tom,
your message is the first response to my query, still waiting for feedback.
I am sure someone must have tried l2tpd port in an ISP environment.

I am looking at it for a Cisco router replacement to terminate ADSL users
tunnels, and spawn off PPPoE sessions. The only restriction I have found so
far is a mention of a 256 tunnel limit in FreeBSD 4.*-RELEASE that is fixed in

- Ernie.

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