Routing Networks

Tony Frank tfrank at
Wed Jan 14 03:24:16 PST 2004

Hi there,

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 12:59:16AM -0600, Nicol?s de Bari Embr?z G. R. wrote:

> What i want to do is that a computer on LAN A with an IP on the range of 
> can ping, telnet, ssh, etc. to a computer on LAN B
> "192.168.1.X".
> How can i solve this problem, is this is a route or Nat problem ?

Easy option is to ensure that a static route is configured on the Linux server
to route to (your server IP)

> There is one more issue, I can't touch the LINUX SERVER I can just be a
> client or join the LAN by configure a nic with a IP on the range of

Given this restriction, the best option might be to ensure that anything 
received on FreeBSD server from subnet is passed through NAT
to appear to originate from the FreeBSD server IP (

This would allow traffic initiated from LAN A to talk to LAN B but 
typically would not allow LAN B to initiate traffic to LAN A.

Unfortunately I have not used ipnat at all so cannot help in that aspect.

With ipfw/natd I would have two natd instances and use ipfw rules to
send packets to different divert sockets based on the IP address.



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