Disaster recovery

Dale Ahrens dale at sopris.net
Thu May 1 10:59:45 PDT 2003

If funds permit, have a completely redundant FreeBSD machine standing by.
Use cron and rsync to periodically copy data files over to the secondary
machine.  If the primary machine fails, simply change the IP number of the
secondary machine to that of the primary, and viola, you are back online.
Of course you will lose any emails or web data that has changed since the
last rsync, but you lose data anyway if you have to get it off a tap.  Any
databases will need a "point of failure" recovery scheme.

Also, you may want to put a tape drive in the secondary machine and backup
the rsync'd data to the tape.  This removes the tape backup task from your
primary machine.

Dale Ahrens
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We are in the final stages of a migration from Win2k to FreeBSD for Web
Server and Email.

Everything is ready for the big switchover.  I would like some advice on
disaster recovery planning.  What to use for remote backup (tar?).  And with
a .tar file, is it possible to resore the /usr partition over top of a clean
FreeBSD install .. etc

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