qmail not listening

Guilherme Oliveira guilherme at nortenet.pt
Tue Jun 24 11:58:18 PDT 2003

Thanks in advance for your help ! 

>On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 06:47:10PM +0000, Guilherme Oliveira wrote:
>Did you install qmail via ports, or from the source tarball?  I've had
>problems with the ports, IIRC...

I've installed it from ports.
I run '/var/qmail/configure/config-fast vianavirtual.com'
Then I've copied /var/qmail/boot/home to /var/qmail/rc to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/qmail.sh
be funtional.

>> I read the docs and I've configured the virtual domains but doing netstat
>Which docs? 'Life With Qmail'?  The author's own docs?

With the source, 2 faq's, qmail.org and from author site.

>Qmail-smtpd does use TCP.  How are you invoking it?  inetd?  tcpserver?
>We'd need to see config files, output of logs, etc.

I've said how I configured it. Logs and configuration files are in http://www.vianaonline.com/qmail.txt

This server runs (as djbdns) with ip behind natd.
I've 3 domains wich dns redirects to natd. Then natd does portforward to

It's running very well tith apache and djbdns except qmail.

I need some hints please.


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