[automaton@cian.net: E-Mail Error]

Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 01:57:42 PDT 2003

Fer heav'n sake....

----- Forwarded message from automaton at cian.net -----

Envelope-to: fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Date: 22 Jul 2003 07:46:46 -0000
Subject: E-Mail Error
From: automaton at cian.net
To: fbsd-x at packet.org.uk

Sorry you have sent this email to an un-assigned address which has been setup with PerlBill

The address (james at organicwire.net) must be setup in the perlbill admin in order to receive incoming submissionsThank You.

----- End forwarded message -----


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