newfs options for large mail server (Maildir)

spork spork at
Tue Jul 15 19:39:02 PDT 2003


I think the last time I had to think about this was when everyone ran
their own news server and you had to tweak the filesystem to make INN
perform acceptably...

I'm migrating about 3,000 accounts to a new machine that will be running
qmail/vpopmail, so there will be a directory for each domain, each user,
each user's mailbox, etc. and since it's all Maildir instead of spools,
there will be a ton of files.  Hopefully the box will grow to a few
thousand more boxes if we're lucky.

How should I go about determining the number of inodes and the blocksize?
Does anyone have any general pointers?  So far I've been looking at some
postings by Joe Greco from the really old days and just treating this the
same way I would have treated a news server, but I'd appreciate some more
specific feedback from people running a similar configuration.  Even some
"df -i's" of similarly-sized boxes would give me a good start.

Any input at all is welcome.



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