mod_frontpage & UID/GID Settings

Scot W. Hetzel hetzels at
Fri Jul 11 17:53:25 PDT 2003

From: "Drew Tomlinson" <drew at>
> Thanks for your reply.  Since it was a new install, I removed the ports
> and then installed the apache13-fp port.  This time I tried it right
> "out of the box" and was able to use the FP client to access my root
> web.  Then I added a few name-based virtual webs to httpd.conf,
> restarted apache, and then installed the extensions on them using the
> script and that work as well.  What I found interesting is
> that after that, any attempts to access the root web were directed to
> the virtual web listed first in httpd.conf.  This is probably by design
> but I could find it in the apache docs.  Anyway, I created another
> virtual web to point to my root web and listed it first.  Now things are
> working as I expect.
No it's not by design.  You should have been able to access the root web
with your web browser.  The problem is that somehow the FrontPage client
access the wrong web.  I had placed the following into the httpd.conf file:

# This Virtual Host makes it so FrontPage will display pages from the
# root web.  When multiple Listen directives are specified, Frontpage
# will try to access the pages from the wrong virutal host. This fixes it.
#NOTE: This Virtual Host Entry must be kept as the last _default_
#      virtual host entry.
#<VirtualHost _default_:80>
#    ServerAdmin webmaster@@@HOSTNAME@@
#    ServerName @@HOSTNAME@@

You would need to uncomment this entry before adding additional Virtual

> However I can't access the admin pages installed on port 10865.  I can
> access them from the FP client on port 80 in the root web
> (/usr/local/www/data) but not from
> /usr/local/frontpage/version5.0/admin-exe.  I can also access them from
> the FP client for all of the virtual webs.  Have you had any success
> with the port 10865 admin pages?  I wonder what I'm missing, if
> anything?
Was the problem with verifying usernames/passwords? Try adding:

    AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit Indexes Options

to the VirtualHost settings for the FP admin pages.


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