Apache 2.x and FrontPage SE

Justin Hopper jhopper at bsdhosting.net
Mon Dec 8 17:41:58 PST 2003


We have a new product in development that runs Apache 2.x and requires
FrontPage Server Extensions.  The extensions installed fine (2002 1.1),
and adding the extension functions to vhosts has gone fine as well,
using the owsadm.exe binary.  However, the FrontPage client application
cannot seem to authenticate with the server.  The username/password
prompt is received in the client though.

I have read a few remarks online that suggest it might be a problem of
the FPSE using DES passwords and Apache using MD5.  Can anyone confirm
that this is a problem on FreeBSD 4.9?  If so, is there a clean way to
fix this?  I've read some stories of people changing all the libcrypt
calls to libscrypt to try to change to different crypt form, but I'd
really rather not make any source changes if possible.

I ran a kernel trace of the Apache process and it's children and
descendants.  I was looking for the section where it tried to
authenticate the user from the FrontPage client, but I kept seeing
places where it seemed that the author.exe program was not receiving a
username, but perhaps this is the way it is supposed to work.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Justin Hopper  <jhopper at bsdhosting.net>
UNIX Systems Engineer
Hosting Division of Digital Oasys Inc.

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