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Scott Lambert lambert at
Mon Dec 8 11:06:26 PST 2003

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 10:52:18PM +0200, Dave Johnson wrote:
> Can anyone recommend an Accounting / Billing  System for ISPs

My favorite so far is BillMax.  Runs on FreeBSD, uses lots of standard
*nix stuff that you are used to supporting.  Completely web interfaced,
ie. use it from anywhere and get your work done.  Getting custom reports
is easy enough if you have an SQL capable programmer on staff.

My current system is Platypus.  I pretty much hate it from the sysadmin
perspective after having gotten accustomed to how nicely BillMax
worked.  I do realize that many of my issues with Platypus are related
to the less than complete way in which the former technical staff here
implemented it.  I still have a lack of confidence in any product which
sits on top of Windows.  But that's a personal predudice.

If you just want opensource, freside might be an option.  I have no
experience with it, but at least it has my two favorite features of
BillMax, web interface and runs on *nix.

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