make install fails on FreeBSD 6.2 release

andreas askozia at
Fri Aug 24 08:04:09 PDT 2007

Hi Hans,

wonderful, that helped.
I already had the Kernel sources, but was missing the userland.

Now, there's the next problem:
I want to make use of my Draytek USM miniVigor, which is on the list  
of supported devices.

I built an ISDN-enabled Kernel (with both device sound and device  
usb), installed it, rebooted and fiddled around with isdnd.rc (see  

dmesg shows appropriate entries for ISDN and shows the miniVigor.

capi: CAPI call control device attached, v2.07
i4b: ISDN call control device attached
i4btrc: 64 ISDN trace device(s) attached
i4brbch: 8 raw B channel access device(s) attached
i4btel: 8 ISDN telephony interface device(s) attached
i4bipr: 8 IP over raw HDLC ISDN device(s) attached (VJ header  
i4bisppp: 8 ISDN SyncPPP device(s) attached
i4bctl: ISDN system control port attached
ugen0: <vendor 0x0675 USB ISDN TA, class 255/0, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 126>

however, isdnmonitor does not even show ISDN channels with a TEI

remote protocol version is 00.05
our rights = 0x72
64 controller(s) found:
         controller 0:
         controller 1:
         controller 62:
         controller 63:
1 entries found:
         entry 0: device DRVR_TEL0
24.08.2007 15:27:18: controller 0, TEI is -1
24.08.2007 15:27:18: layer 1 change on controller 0: down
24.08.2007 15:27:18: layer 2 change on controller 0: down
(same for all controllers up to 63)


Just to get started, I'm trying to get an answering machine running,  
with the configuration from 

Do I get it right, that I need to setup controllers and somehow make  
the USB-TA known to the isdnd, because it will appear as "controller  
7" or something?
(as listed in 
index_ObjG_00.html )

Do I need to install chan_capi (and Asterisk) before the answering  
machine will work with the USB-TA?

thanks for your help and patience,

On 24.08.2007, at 08:36, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> You need to install the kernel sources and some userland sources, at
> least /usr/src/usr.sbin .
> --HPS
> On Thursday 23 August 2007, andreas wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> trying to install i4b (from svn) to a FreeBSD 6.2 release gives me
>> the error following below.
>> Now that I've tried it on two sepearate virgin installations, I'd
>> like to ask for a little help.
>> Where is the line making the wrong call to install and how do I fix
>> it? e.g., is it make or a port, or... ?

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