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Kai Krebber Kai.Krebber at
Tue Jun 20 18:50:11 UTC 2006

Isdnphone and isdnmonitor work. Thanx for the tips. Now i recorded some waves, soxed them to .la format and dd-ed them to /dev/i4btel0 after calling myself.dound get played, but veeerrry sloooow and dark voice (will get problemd with police for prank calling people...). Strange:even from i4b is affected (used to work 30min ago). What went wrong?
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On 2006-06-20 16:42, Kai Krebber wrote:
> 2) How do I initiate a voicecall from the Freebsd-box (i.e. call a
> number and play a prerecorded .al-file and hang up for starters?

man 8 isdnphone
man 8 isdntelctl

Never tried that, so just pointers for you.

For the SMS stuff you may try a look the the ports database. You may
find some SMS sending tools there. Probably there's something useful
for what you want to do.



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