Freebsd 5.3 / c4b / capi4hylafax / hylafax MSN problem

Joachim Böddeker jboeddeker at
Thu Jan 20 05:24:55 PST 2005


I hav some trouble to get the combination of
Freebsd 5.3, c4b, capi4hylafax and hylafax to work together correctly. (all current versions)

This runs with an AVM-B1-PCI.

Basically it works, but I have some trouble regarding the MSNs.

1. Incoming MSN is not working.
"c2faxrecv -v" prints out the correct called number, but regardless of it, the B1 accepts the call (even if it is not in

If I use AcceptGlobalCalls=0, then I receive

Workaround is:

It would be nice to get the following working:

2. Outgoing MSN is not working
Regardless of what is entered as OutgoingMSN, the fax is always send with the standard MSN (which should is unknown on the FreeBsd
Server). The reason could be that an empty caller id is sent?

No Workaround yet.

Could anybody help me to get this combo working? Or could anybody lead me into the correct direction? I do not have any hint where
to fix what.

According to my opinion "config.faxCAPI" looks fine. I even compiled capi4hylafax with -DDEBUG, it looks as if the MSNs are
correctly parsed from the config file.


Joachim Böddeker

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