AVM Fritz V2 and reboot vs. power-off

Ari Suutari ari at suutari.iki.fi
Mon Jul 5 04:10:50 PDT 2004


I'm facing odd but repeatable problems with FreeBSD 4.9 and
AVM Fritz V2 PCI isdn cards. It seems that if I reboot my
server the isdn card no longer works. However, if I power-off
and power-on the card works again.

Without power-off, I'm getting messages like "Awaiting signal"
from ifpi2 driver and the system never recovers.

I have tried replacing the isdn card, but it doesn't help. The machines
are HP Compaq 2000 models.

Any ideas I could try ? The machines will be installed at locations
where nobody is normally present, which makes remote rebooting
difficult if power-off is required.

    Ari S.

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