New version of CAPI for BSD for 5.x-RELEASE

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Tue Sep 30 05:29:19 PDT 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Thomas Wintergerst wrote:


> I finally managed to create a working version of c4b for 5.0-RELEASE and
> 5.1-RELEASE.
> The integration into "current" will soon take place. Work is already
> underway and chances are good that c4b makes its way into 5.2-RELEASE.

for everybody who wants to try latest c4b-0.8 with HEAD I have prepared
two (entirely unsupported) patches:

1) an incremental diff for everyone previously ran from

   You can find this diff at

   It includes some instructions on how to apply etc. at the top of
   the file.

   This patch is untested and I didn't use it myself but it helps to
   better see the changes from c4b-0.8 to 2). Maybe something is still

2) [preferred]
   a complete patch of Thomas' c4b-0.8 sources and almost all patches
   plus 1).

   it doesn't include the endian diff needed from ~ 5.1R on.

   This diff (>6 MB) is at 021-c4b-0.8-HEAD.diff

   And you may also need 002-sys-sys-endian.h.diff

   To save my and your bandwidth please get (~ 1.6 MB)
   and ignore the other patches included.

   assuming your HEAD lives in /usr/src you need to do:

   cd /usr/src
   patch -C -p1 < $pathto/021-c4b-0.8-HEAD.diff

   and if everything is ok do a:
   patch -p1 < $pathto/021-c4b-0.8-HEAD.diff

   (same for 002-sys-sys-endian.h.diff if needed)


   Before starting you should consult Thomas' documentation from the
   c4b-0.8 tarball.

   After applying either 1) or 2) you should be able to do a complete
   in-source-tree build as you would do when updating, this means
   you should be able to do a build{kernel,world}, install{kernel,world}
   and run mergemaster.

   Please consult [1] for more information on how to do this


*  up to now I have only built kernel parts as modules and not linked
   into kernel. If someone tries this please let me know if it works.

*  both patches are - if at all - almost untested. Further more HEAD
   can be unstable at any time. So don't tell me I didn't warn you !

changes from c4b-0.8 release (what I remember):

* libcapi20 is C only (Thomas will do that too from what I know)
* build framework changes (Makefiles,, mtree, ...)
* fixes of two #include <assert.h> that were missing
* fixed #include <dev/pci/pcivar.h>
* struct cdevsw initialisation in C99 style
  (see UPDATING that nullopen()/nullclose() are gone)
* firmware uuencoded for distribution
* started NO_C4B for make.conf ; thus will only build for i386 at the



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