AVM ISDN-Controler Fritz!Card USB v2.1

Gary Jennejohn garyj at jennejohn.org
Sun Jun 22 12:49:38 PDT 2003

freebsd_deamon at gmx.net writes:
> I just go a AVM ISDN-Controler Fritz!Card USB v2.1 (I opend the thing on the
> board it says “v3.0”) which I would like to use with my FreeBSD-5.1R box.
> Reading through the documentation I could not find if the USB version is
> supported and if yes which options fit this controller 
 (than again most of t
> he
> docs date to around 2001/02). Could please someone tell me if this controller
> is supported and by which driver/config options.

First of all you obviously have to have USB in your kernel. Since you don't
mention which version you're using it's hard to be specific. But you can
look in LINT (4.x) or NOTES (5.x) for options/devices with USB in the
the name and add them to your kernel configuration file, generate a
new kernel and boot it.

Then plug in the device and see what messages the kernel emits. It may
be recognized as a modem, in which case you should be able to use it.

Note that this is all very general information since I've never used
a USB modem/ISDN device. AFAIK no USB ISDN devices are explicitly
supported, but if it looks like a modem it may work.

Gary Jennejohn / garyj[at]jennejohn.org gj[at]freebsd.org gj[at]denx.de

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