layer2 ipfw 'fwd' support

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at
Mon Oct 4 15:12:00 UTC 2010


In the past I have used this patch by Luigi Rizzo, which helped me well.

I tried with a friend to port it to -STABLE, but we were not able to
find out what has replaced mt_tag. Also on ip_input.c we dirty hacked
to following piece of code:

        if (m->m_flags & M_FASTFWD_OURS) {
                m->m_flags &= ~M_FASTFWD_OURS;
                goto pass; /* XXX was 'ours' - SHOULD WE MODIFY IT HERE */
        if ((dchg = (m_tag_find(m, PACKET_TAG_IPFORWARD, NULL) != NULL)) != 0) {
                 * Directly ship the packet on.  This allows forwarding
                 * packets originally destined to us to some other directly
                 * connected host.
                ip_forward(m, dchg);

And this is something we are not sure if its correct.

So my very obvious question is:

Does anyone has a recent version of this patch to share?

Can anyone familiar with ipfw source code help me with that?

Eduardo Meyer
pessoal: dudu.meyer at
profissional: ddm.farmaciap at

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