rule 00000.

Erich Jenkins, Fuujin Group Ltd erich at
Wed Apr 7 04:54:34 UTC 2010

Pawel Tyll wrote:
> Unfortunately FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE #0: Mon Apr 5 08:43:58 CEST 2010
> still has problems.
> ipfw show:
> (...)
> 65534 44262253 27617819701 allow ip from any to any
> 00001     5335      405460 allow ip from me to any dst-port 123
> 00000        0           0  ip from any to any
> Anything I can do to help?
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My skin crawled the moment I read this post. Could you provide a bit 
more information about this issue? I manage a very large deployment of 
FreeBSD boxes which are geographically dispersed, and we've started 
upgrading them to the 8.0 release. My default policy is to deny 
everything but the services running, so I generally end with a "deny 
all" statement, and the last thing I want is to lock myself out and have 
to dispatch a technician...

Is this problem localized to any particular architecture? (we have 
sparc64, amd64 and i386 servers deployed). Is this just the stable 
branch that's affected, or was this bug also in the ISO release? (I 
deploy via NFS/FTP/bootp from internal servers hosting the ISO images).

Erich M. Jenkins
Fuujin Group Limited

"You should never, never doubt what no one is sure about."
-- Gene Wilder

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