Enable ipfw without rebooting

scuba at centroin.com.br scuba at centroin.com.br
Thu Sep 29 09:11:32 PDT 2005


	Loading the kernel module "kldload ipfw", did the job.
	But nothing using rc's files helps to prevent being locked with a
"deny all" default rule, since those files are not executed on module
	I had to use:

	kldload ipfw ; sh /etc/rc.firewall
	kldload ipfw ; ipfw add 1 pass all from any to any

Thank you for the help.

- Marcelo Souza

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Oliver Fromme wrote:

|scuba at centroin.com.br wrote:
| > On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, vladone wrote:
| > |U can use:
| > |ipfw enable or ipfw disable command (man ipfw)
| >
| >         It doesn't work. Do nothing.
| >
| > |or from sysctl:
| > |sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.enable=0 (to disable)
| >
| >         This generate a error:
| >
| > ‰sysctl: unknown id 'net.inet.ip.fw.enable'
|Do you have IPFW code in your kernel?  (Either statically
|compiled via kernel config, or dynamically loaded as KLD)
|If you don't, then it doesn't work, of course.
|Try loading the IPFW KLD ("kldload ipfw").
|Best regards
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- Marcelo

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