Enable ipfw without rebooting

AT Matik asstec at matik.com.br
Wed Sep 28 05:16:14 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 08:35, Achim Patzner wrote:
> Where's the advantage? A reboot (on a well-maintained) machine should
> get me back to the state it was before I started tinkering with

probably rebooting a server is an unnecessary method at all and something 
similar to the method you describe next ... (or a win-habit)

> The same applies to other devices (e.g. Cisco routers), too. I'm a
> Barbarian - why should I argue with ipfw if a battle axe would get
> the same result more comfortably?

sure, cutting the wire is the best firewall solution ever and still the 
cheapest ;) but try a pulling the cord before cutting



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