ipfw add allow ip from @access_list1 to any in

sid at merlin.com.ua sid at merlin.com.ua
Tue Jun 29 08:57:37 PDT 2004

  for my own purposes I add some new features to ipfw2.
  now hereis patches for 5.1
  Luigi some time ago have a look at ones, but now..
  if it is looks like interesting, get and enjoy it free
  this is not a release, I stil work about it.
  and I wait for 5.3 to make complete patches for 5.3.
  will be pleasure for me if this will include to release...

  read first:

  who downloaded it, please make backups your original files,
  extract patches in new directory and look at ones first.
  if you not sure that you doing, do not do anything, please.
  support of that features only if ones will include in FreeBSD
  and only via freebsd-hackers at freebsd.org

  its do like this:
ipnt add @MY_NET
ipnt add @MY_NET
ipnt add @MY_NET

ipfw add 350 pipe 350 ip from any to @MY_NET out

you can manipulate that lists without changing firewall

ipnt del @MY_NET 0/0
ipnt add @MY_NET


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