Understanding queue size

jeremie le-hen le-hen_j at epita.fr
Fri May 23 07:01:48 PDT 2003

> Why assume that the default values need adjusting?

I'm trying to tune some parameters like queue size in order to reduce delays
with interactive traffic while uploading. I tried to set various queue size
with a pipe which bandwidth is 125KBit/s, from 2KBytes to 1000KBytes, and
in fact I saw almost no responsivness variation.

I currently use a queue size of 76KBytes, in order to send it in about 5
seconds at 125KBit/s. How do I know it's a good value ? I'm pretty sure
there are some rules or some formulas which dictates how to get a good
compromise between bandwidth and reactivy, but unfortunatelly, I don't
know where to find them.

Jeremie aka TtZ/TataZ
jeremie.le-hen at epita.fr

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