TLB miss handlers

Christian Hildner christian.hildner at
Fri Jan 28 03:54:36 PST 2005


looking at entry 0x0400 of the interrupt table I am wondering about the 
following lines:

IVT_ENTRY(Instruction_TLB, 0x0400)
    mov r16=cr.ifa
    mov r17=pr
    thash   r18=r16
    ttag    r19=r16
    add r21=16,r18      // tag
    add r20=24,r18      // collision chain
    ld8 r21=[r21]       // check VHPT tag
Are you sure you cannot enter a nested TLB miss fault here on IA64 
implementations that do not have the VHPT walker implemented? You 
wouldn't get fault 0x0000 since there is no walker that throws that fault.


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