FreeBSD IA64 5.3/RELEASE on Compaq DL590. (boot error)

bigcat at bigcat at
Wed Feb 9 17:43:23 PST 2005

> On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 07:30:30PM -0500, bigcat at wrote:
>> pci25: <ACPI PCI bus> on pcib6
>> ida0: <Compaq Integrated Array controller> port 0xc000-0xc0ff mem \
> 	0x43000000-0x43ffffff,0x41000000-0x41ffffff irq 110 at device \
> 	8.0 on pci25
>> ida0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
>> fatal kernel trap (cpu 0):
>>     trap vector = 0x14 (Page Not Present)
>>     cr.iip      = 0xe000000004288350
>>     cr.ipsr     = 0x1210080a2010 (mfl,ic,dt,dfh,rt,cpl=0,it,ri=1,bn)
>>     cr.isr      = 0x20400000000 (code=0,vector=0,r,ei=1)
>>     cr.ifa      = 0xa0000000dbd0610c
>>     curthread   = 0xe0000000049815e8
>>         pid = 0, comm = swapper
>> [thread 0]
>> Stopped at      ida_command+0x2e1:      [M1]    ld8 r14=[r14]
>> db>
> Ouch...
>> Any ideas?
> First of all: A backtrace would definitely help. At the "db>" prompt
> type:
> 	trace

Here you go:

db> trace
ida_command(0xe0000000008a4600, 0x11, 0xe0000000048f11e0, 0x200, 0x0, 0x0,
at ida_command+0x2e1
ida_attach(0xe0000000008a4600, 0xe0000000008a4690, 0xe0000000008a4668,
0008a4700, 0xe00000000428a1c0, 0x410, 0xe000000004b481f0) at ida_attach+0x80
ida_pci_attach(0xe0000000008b0d00, 0x0, 0xe0000000008a4600,
0x101000, 0xe00000000449c790, 0x797, 0xe000000004b481f0) at

device_attach(0xe0000000008b0d00) at device_attach+0x4c0
bus_generic_attach(0xe0000000008b0d00, 0xe00000000410bd50, 0x38d,
cd40) at bus_generic_attach+0x40
acpi_pci_attach(0xe0000000008b0c00, 0xe0000000008e4800,
0xe0000000048f2320, 0xe0
000000048f1448, 0xe00000000449c790, 0x797, 0xe000000004b481f0) at
device_attach(0xe0000000008b0c00) at device_attach+0x4c0
bus_generic_attach(0xe0000000008b0c00, 0xe00000000410f460, 0x50e,
01c0) at bus_generic_attach+0x40
acpi_pcib_attach(0xe0000000008e4800, 0xe0000000009158e0, 0x19,
0, 0xe0000000048f2320) at acpi_pcib_attach+0x1a0
acpi_pcib_acpi_attach(0xe0000000008e4800, 0xe0000000009158d4,
, 0xe0000000009158d8, 0xe0000000009158c8, 0xe0000000009158c0,
, 0x797) at acpi_pcib_acpi_attach+0x370
device_attach(0xe0000000008e4800) at device_attach+0x4c0
bus_generic_attach(0xe0000000008e4800, 0xe0000000040fb180, 0xa9d,
20a0) at bus_generic_attach+0x40
acpi_attach(0xe0000000001a2000, 0xe000000000953988, 0x0,
0xe0000000048f14b8, 0xe
0000000048f14a8, 0xe0000000008d6248, 0xe000000004830728,
0xe000000000953990) at
device_attach(0xe0000000001a2000) at device_attach+0x4c0
bus_generic_attach(0xe0000000001a2000) at bus_generic_attach+0x40
nexus_attach(0xe0000000001a2200, 0xe00000000449c790, 0x797,
at nexus_attach+0xd0
device_attach(0xe0000000001a2200) at device_attach+0x4c0
root_bus_configure(0xe0000000001a2200, 0xe0000000047bda70, 0x186) at
configure(0xe00000000440cb90, 0x48b) at configure+0x60
mi_startup(0xe000000004867440, 0xe000000004981d50, 0xe000000004981d58,
0x1, 0xe0
00000004981d48, 0xe000000004981d60, 0xe0000000047d44b0, 0x899) at
ia64_init(0xe000000004981788) at ia64_init+0xc70
__start() at __start+0xa0

> Secondly: It looks like the ida(4) driver is not 64-bit clean. The
> faulting instruction is an 8-byte wide load from an address that's
> not 8-byte aligned. This is always fatal in the kernel, although
> it's not the reason for the panic in this case. Nonetheless, the
> code is suspicious...
>> I'm suspecting that there is no kernel loadable for the Compaq Disk
>> Array,
>> perhaps?
> The ida(4) driver comes as a loadable kernel module, but happens
> to be compiled into the kernel by default. Unfortunately this means
> that I need to create a new snapshot with the ida(4) driver removed
> from the kernel, or you remove the Compaq Disk Array from the machine
> until you can build your own kernel without the ida(4) driver.
> As for fixing the ida(4) driver: I don't have the hardware, so I
> can't do that and I need to see the backtrace to see if one can
> fix the ida(4) driver on any 64-bit machine, or if it has to be
> an ia64 box...

Unfortunately, that's not an option for me; w/o the Compaq Disk Array, I
won't have any usable drives!

However, I'll do anything I can to help you with this.  I'm not a
programmer, but whatever I can do to help ... just ask!

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