FreeBSD IA64 5.3/RELEASE on Compaq DL590.

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Wed Feb 9 13:25:48 PST 2005

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>> From: Rick Jones <rick.jones2 at>
>> Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 10:20:09 -0800
>> To: "Mark J. Nernberg" <mark at>
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>> Subject: Re: FreeBSD IA64 5.3/RELEASE on Compaq DL590.
>> Mark J. Nernberg wrote:
>>> Has anyone successfully booted IA64 BSD 5.3 on a Compaq DL590 
>>> machine?
>>> The DL590 is a multiprocessor Itanium machine; we just picked one 
>>> up, and
>>> I'm having problems booting from the install disk -- all goes OK 
>>> until it
>>> gets to "Entering Kernel", at which point it freezes, completely.
>>> Any help would be most appreciated; if anyone requires more 
>>> information to
>>> assist, I will gladly provide it.
>> I've not been following the BSD stuff closely enough to know, but 
>> would ask if
>> 5.3 still supports "Merced" systems?  IIRC the DL590 was a Merced 
>> system - aka
>> Itanium1.  While it might be of academic interest, a Merced system 
>> isn't
>> really
>> one of the best places to be for IA64.  An Itanium2-based system 
>> would likely
>> be
>> a much better place if you want to get a feel for what Itanium is 
>> like.
> The DL590 is a Merced system.
> Any ideas what other BSD/UNIX OS will run on this platform?

Among the BSDs, only FreeBSD runs on it AFAICT.

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