Problems installing 5.2.1 onto HP rx2600

James R. Van Artsalen james at
Thu Mar 25 18:39:20 PST 2004

Gian-Paolo Musumeci wrote:

>>No, but you might want to give the post 5.2.1 snaphot a try:
>>It should find your CD drive.
>The post-5.2.1 snapshot does indeed see the CD drive and let me install,
>apparently without further incident.  However, the system won't boot
>afterwards; the device isn't listed in the EFI bootable devices table.
>Is further magic required?  The documentation, alas, is somewhat sketchy
>on this topic.

Welcome to the wonderful world of EFI.  You have to tell it a device can 
boot and where the boot file is: EFI can't figure that out by itself.

You need to Add a Boot Option and find the boot/loader.efi file to 
select.  If you get to the EFI shell prompt try "ls -r fs1:", "ls -r 
fs2:" etc until you run out of fsN: to try.

In my case I did something wrong and the relevant files were never 
copied to the EFI partition at all, and I copied them manually in a 
holographic shell with the CD.

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