FreeBSD 5.1 can't run on Intel's Tiger4

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Tue Jun 24 05:37:13 PDT 2003

Who can tell me why the FreeBSD 5.1 for IA64can't run on Intel's Tiger4.When I want to install the FreeBSD 5.1 on it, the machine reboot at once.
I complied the  kernel of 5.1 on 5.0 of IA64. I found the machine reboot at the line between >>>>>>>>> and <<<<<<<<<<    when type is 3.
ia64_mca_save_state(int type)
 struct ia64_sal_result result;
 struct mca_record_header *hdr;
 struct sysctl_oid *oidp;
 char *name, *state;
 uint64_t seqnr;
 size_t recsz, totsz;
  * Don't try to get the state if we couldn't get the size of
  * the state information previously.
 if (mca_info_size[type] == -1)
 while (1) {
  result = ia64_sal_entry(SAL_GET_STATE_INFO, type, 0,
      mca_info_block, 0, 0, 0, 0);
  if (result.sal_status < 0) {
If I skip the type of 0,1 and 2, run this function with type 3 directly.The Machine reboot at once.
Who can tell me the reason? 
If the FreeBSD 5.1 can run other IA64 machines?

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