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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o i386/165906  i386       [panic] cannot install FreeBSD 9.0 on Dell PowerEdge 1
o i386/165561  i386       [hang] K8N890M-M Boot Hang
o i386/165452  i386       [boot] FreeBSD's system installer stops when setting u
o i386/165434  i386       [boot] Install fail Error 19
o i386/158653  i386       installing PC-BSD 9 Current with legacy USB Keyboard d
o i386/158200  i386       wifi doesn't work on Acer AO751h, maybe WMI needs to b
o i386/156229  i386       [hang] Server IBM x3400 is hangs with option SMP in Ke
o i386/155695  i386       AMD Vision ultimate notebook HP Pavilion DV6 3109ER ov
o i386/154578  i386       [boot] BTX Loader hangs > 1,5 min after listing BIOS d
o i386/151122  i386       [boot] BTX 1.02 crashes on boot
o i386/150766  i386       Dell Vostro 3700 siffle sous FreeBSD / Dell Vostro 370
o i386/149647  i386       [panic] Dell Inspiron 530 (FX09) panic at boot with 8.
o i386/148848  i386       [hang] Load freezing at boot on HP Mini 311
o i386/148624  i386       PERC H200 Controller on Dell R610 Not recognized
o i386/148509  i386       [boot] [patch] Improvements to i386/boot2's comments
o i386/147458  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 8 can't boot from dvd, unless dvd is ex
o i386/146446  i386       [install] FreeBSD 8.0 installation hangs at an early s
o i386/146221  i386       [boot] incompatibility of the BTX with toshiba tecra R
o i386/145718  i386       [est] [patch] fix freq calculation from MSR for CPUs w
o i386/145079  i386       [boot] BTX halted on P3 server
f i386/144956  i386       [boot] Early minute-plus delay in boot on Intel Nehale
o i386/143587  i386       [boot] [hang] BTX 1.02 freezes upon assigning Bios C d
o i386/142946  i386       [boot] Can't boot installation DVD. BTX halted
o i386/142421  i386       [ata] optical drives not found
o i386/142190  i386       [boot] BTX Loader issue on Gigabyte Motherboard
o i386/142108  i386       [panic] vm_fault: fault on nofault entry, addr: c32a40
o i386/141675  i386       [boot] memory and BTX halted on Sunfire X4170
o i386/141470  i386       [boot] BTX halted immediatly on selecting any of the b
o i386/141468  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 8.0 boot manager can cause disk not pro
o i386/140655  i386       [panic] Lenovo X300: fatal trap 12 after /sbin/halt -p
o i386/140645  i386       [irq] High INTERRUPT rate on CPU 0
o i386/140448  i386       [boot] BTX loader hangs after displaying BIOS drives
o i386/140268  i386       [install] 8.0-RC* does not install on MSI MS-7255 [reg
o i386/139999  i386       [panic] random freeze and crash
o i386/139743  i386       [ichsmb] [patch] ichsmb driver doesn't detects SMB bus
o i386/139115  i386       [cpufreq] low cpu frequency reported [regression]
o i386/138948  i386       [twa] [regression] da0: <AMCC 9550SX-4LP DISK 3.04> Fi
o i386/138126  i386       [panic] Kernel panic trap 12 on bigger load
o i386/133727  i386       chars [[[[[[[[[[[[[ occur during install process (sett
o i386/132230  i386       [boot] [reboot] 7.1-RELEASE /boot/loader non-functiona
o i386/131426  i386       hald makes cdrom fail
o i386/130110  i386       [boot] BTX-Halted - booting with SAS/SATA Controller
o i386/129550  i386       [pae] [kqueue] crash with PAE kernel
o i386/127374  i386       Suspend/Resume with Keystroke only once on Thinkpad T4
o i386/127343  i386       [hang] System locks -- simular to PR 123729
o i386/127337  i386       [boot] FreeBSD 7.1/i386 BTX boot problem on Pavilion d
o i386/126666  i386       [boot] [hang] boot failure for nForce 630i / GeForce 7
o i386/125592  i386       [hang] FreeBSD 7 server in hang
o i386/124633  i386       [boot] [panic] 7.0 does not boot from CD
o i386/124124  i386       [boot] [panic] Page fault while booting livefs iso of 
o i386/123990  i386       [boot] BTX halted on Thinkpad x60s
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s

52 problems total.

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