kern/139053: [ciss] painc during 8.0_BETA_3 bootsequenz....

gavin at gavin at
Wed Sep 23 08:20:15 UTC 2009

Old Synopsis: ciss device freeze during 8.0_BETA_3 bootsequenz....
New Synopsis: [ciss] painc during 8.0_BETA_3 bootsequenz....

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To submitter: by "freeze the box" do you mean that you can not enter
anything with the keyboard?  If you are using a USB keyboard, can you
try to update to more recent 8.0 (we're at RC1 now), you may find that
your keyboard works after the panic.  You may also find a PS2 keyboard
works where USB doesn't, or might find that a serial console works for
you.  Basically, it would help if, at the "db" prompt, you could give
the "bt" command and show the output.  Thanks!

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