kern/123200: Server failure due to netgraph mpd and dhcpclient

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Tue Apr 29 20:37:33 UTC 2008

Synopsis: Server failure due to netgraph mpd and dhcpclient

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At the very first look on your configuration, I've seen one misconfiguration
which might cause problems: You're using a netmask greater than /32 for alias
addresses on same subnet (take a look at I/F fxp0 addresses, and share the same subnet (/24) and all three have
a netmask of /24. Only one should have a /24, the others should be created
as /32.
If you're experiencing kernel panics, please provide us with the kernel dump
(panic message AND the backtrace).
If you don't get a panic, please recompile your kernel with WITNESS enabled
and show us the witness messages.
Also please explain a bit about your DHCP issue (to me it's unclear what role
dhcp_client may play here). Do you start mpd from the DHCP script of vice versa?
Please show us your mpd configuration. Also a look to the routing table might
be useful.
Anyway we need the panic message and a backtrace to analyze or witness messages.
Problem does not seem to be i386 related - reclassify.

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