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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o i386/103186  i386       Poweredge Raid Controller/AMI Megatrends will not form

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o i386/70386   i386       IBM x345 Freezes Randomly
o i386/70482   i386       Array adapter problems
o i386/70525   i386       [boot] boot0cfg: -o packet not effective
o i386/70531   i386       [boot0] [patch] boot0 hides Lilo in extended slice
o i386/70747   i386       ddos attack causes box to crash on kernel 5.2.1
o i386/70925   i386       [hang] 5.3Beta1 acpi-pci driver failure, ata disk atta
o i386/71000   i386       [boot] BTX halted when booting from CD on a machine wi
o i386/71035   i386       [kbd] SMP boot hangs in bus_space_write_1 during keybo
o i386/71048   i386       [hang] ASUS TUV4X hangs when SONY CRX140E attached
o i386/72960   i386       BTX halted with Promise Tx2000 Raid
o i386/73196   i386       [hang] 5.2.1 boot CD hangs during boot on Athlon XP
o i386/73265   i386       FreeBSD kernel crashes when booting on ECS 741GX-M Mai
o i386/73666   i386       5.3 UDMA error WD1600 can't partition drive
o i386/73934   i386       fdisk sees disk as empty
o i386/74008   i386       IBM eServer x225 cannot boot any v5.x - endless dump s
o i386/74044   i386       ServerWorks OSB4 SMBus interface does not detected on 
o i386/74124   i386       ata0 failure on HP(Vectra) VL6/350 [introduced in 5.3]
o i386/74601   i386       Cardbus fails after busdma_machdep.c update
o i386/74816   i386       OS crash with kernel trap 12 in different processes
o i386/75887   i386       [pcvt] with vt0.disabled=0 and PCVT in kernel video/ke
o i386/76487   i386       Compiled GENERIC kernel (and non-GENERIC) do not boot.
o i386/76666   i386       Booting and Sound are mutually exclusive on Toshiba la
o i386/76737   i386       CardBus problem (cbb1: Could not map register memory) 
o i386/76925   i386       standard pci-ide, install - "NO DISKS FOUND" :)
o i386/76944   i386       [busdma] [patch] i386 bus_dmamap_create() bug
o i386/76948   i386       [rl] Slow network with rl0
o i386/77335   i386       Can not initial Ethernet Broadcom UDI PXE-2.1 on  IBM 
o i386/77443   i386       [fdc] can't access floppy -- regression on 5.3
o i386/77529   i386       installation of freebsd 5.3 in laptop an to powereger 
o i386/78219   i386       Netgear FA-410TX is incorrectly detected
o i386/78339   i386       BTX loader crashes on boot on HP Proliant DL140
o i386/78517   i386       [ata] WRITE_DMA and READ_DMA timeouts with ATI RX330 c
o i386/78657   i386       [xe] [hang] error installing 5.3-RELEASE due to Compaq
o i386/78929   i386       atapicam prevents boot, system hangs
o i386/78930   i386       SuperMicro web server with 5.3-RELEASE kernel panics u
o i386/79073   i386       System panic and hang after creating a large empty fil
o i386/79169   i386       freeze with striped USB Drives under high load
o i386/79268   i386       5.3-RELEASE won't boot on Compaq Armada 4210T (233MMX 
o i386/79409   i386       Coming back from idles make the server reboot
o i386/79686   i386       Spurious notebook disk errors from ATA driver.
o i386/79729   i386       umass, da0 not detected by devfs for
o i386/79730   i386       SLIM DRIVE COMBO fails with READ_BIG error on kernel s
o i386/79779   i386       If system memory is above 4GB, one parts of memory wil
o i386/79784   i386       [bfe] Broadcom  BCM4401 : no carrier
o i386/79807   i386       Lock Up on Old Acer P1 Comp
o i386/79833   i386       BTX crashes on boot when using Promise TX2Plus SATA co
o i386/79943   i386       Very High interupt rate on PCM
o i386/80268   i386       [crash] System with Transmeta Efficeon cpu crashes whi
o i386/80989   i386       Cannot install 5.4-RELEASE both in my system and in VM
p i386/81111   i386       /boot/loader causes reboot due to CFLAGS+= -msse3
o i386/81215   i386       X Freeze on Dell Inspiron 9100 with Radeon Mobility 98
o i386/81235   i386       /sys/i386/conf/GENERIC needs "options ASR_COMPAT" to p
o i386/81311   i386       [smp] [hang] Athlon MP SMP + 3ware + em0 = deadlock, n
o i386/81903   i386       Installer hangs on all menu entries on Toshiba A75 mod
o i386/82029   i386       Boot Loader installation on MegaRAID controller
o i386/82285   i386       [race] kernel panic during reboot
o i386/83574   i386       installation failure
o i386/83735   i386       [re] network card (realtek 8139) and sound card (CMI87
o i386/83826   i386       can't install any version on Toshiba Sattelite 2800/S2
o i386/83925   i386       [boot] can't boot Dell Latitude D610 after BIOS update
o i386/84008   i386       /dev/X? should be /dev/ad1s*
o i386/84088   i386       Panic with nforce2 platform on FreeBSD 6.0 beta
o i386/84303   i386       boot sometimes stops at "uhci0: <Intel..." on Toshiba 
o i386/84306   i386       [panic] [pae] Kernel Panic on PAE kernel but not with 
o i386/84397   i386       [if_ndis] if_ndis + wmp54g = fatal trap 12 error
o i386/84475   i386       FreeBSD 5.4 problems pxe booting
o i386/84563   i386       Panics occur when PAE enabled and >3.5GB memory used
o i386/84717   i386       [hang] 5.4-rel booting locks-up on Supermicro 5013C-MT
o i386/84943   i386       "Invalid Partition Table" Intel ICH6 SATA controller (
o i386/85072   i386       [psm] ps/2 Mouse detection failure on compaq chipset
o i386/85101   i386       [libm] nearbyint always returns nan
o i386/85450   i386       panic: subdisk6 detached (appears to be a sata problem
o i386/85454   i386       Panic while booting: No virtual memory for kernel
o i386/85866   i386       [hang] bootloader freezes on Pentium2/3
o i386/85938   i386       Install fails, unable to write partitions
o i386/85944   i386       FreeBSD restarts after showing "Welcome to FreeBSD" sc
o i386/86325   i386       [install] unable to install FreeBSD on IBM BladeCenter
o i386/86380   i386       i386_set_ioperm doesn't take effect immediately
o i386/86612   i386       SCSI DAT Drive Issue
o i386/86651   i386       FAILURE ATA-IDENTIFY
o i386/86667   i386       GNOME Battery Applet causing keyboard to lag/drop char
o i386/86806   i386       Couldn't alloc kernel virtual memory
o i386/86880   i386       [hang] 6.0 hangs or reboots whilst 5.4 is stable (ASUS
o i386/86920   i386       [ndis] ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument (regress
o i386/87085   i386       Will not install on Microtel system
o i386/87122   i386       Installer of 6.0-BETA5 can't find HDD partition of Son
o i386/87155   i386       [boot] [panic] Can't Alloc Virtual Memory in FreeBSD 6
o i386/87356   i386       6.0 RC1 cannot see 250GB drive
o i386/87576   i386       no installation on Acer aspire 1304xc laptop
o i386/87630   i386       [ndis] No match for NdisIMGetCurrentPacketStack
o i386/87654   i386       Marvell Yukon 88E8036 NIC not detected by kernel
o i386/87876   i386       Installation Problems for i368 Compaq R3000
o i386/88124   i386       [hang] X -configure freezes 6.0rc1
o i386/88130   i386       [hang] Machine hangs on dhcp
o i386/88139   i386       [i386] feature request: 53C875 Chipset HP 5064-6016 do
o i386/88315   i386       [sym] [hang] Symbios/LSI-HBA (SYM83C895) hangs
o i386/88459   i386       [panic] Fatal trap 19 (process: idle: cpu0) on HP prol
o i386/88583   i386       i can't install freebsd in server ibm xseries 226(adap
o i386/88610   i386       FreeBSD 6.0 bootonly crashes during boot after sis0, d
o i386/88717   i386       freebsd 5.4 boots from lsi 53c1030 only in safe mode
o i386/88755   i386       [panic] FreeBSD R6.0 on ThinkPad R40 installation rebo
o i386/88808   i386       V6.0 crashing on install with ICH7 RAID 5 enabled...
o i386/88853   i386       [hang] SMP system FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE crashed while tra
o i386/88929   i386       FreeBSD 6.0 install CD fails to find disks on Sony S-s
o i386/89249   i386       HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 (HPT372N) can't write on har
o i386/89288   i386       [acpi] DMA error while booting with acpi enable
o i386/89340   i386       [panic] 6.0-STABLE (2005-11-07) panic when mostly idle
o i386/89353   i386       [ata] invalid disk controller recognition of intel ICH
o i386/89383   i386       [sio] [panic] page fault
o i386/90059   i386       panic in 2 mins after power on PC
o i386/90065   i386       [wi] System hangs if wireless card wasn't disabled bef
o i386/90134   i386       [irq] IDE and SATA disks not detected on various contr
o i386/90519   i386       Resume after suspend results in g_vfs_done() errors an
o i386/90949   i386       [panic] kernel panic with opera
o i386/91038   i386       [panic] 6.0-RELEASE on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v2040
o i386/91282   i386       6.0R install CD crashes at eip=0x90db (Promise PDC2026
o i386/91331   i386       system hangs after citrix_ica_client(wfcmgr) starting
o i386/91745   i386       Second processor not detected on Proliant ML530 G2 wit
o i386/91748   i386       acpi problem on Acer TravelMare 4652LMi (nvidia panic,
o i386/92193   i386       Can't boot from 6.0 Installation CD: BTX halted (Gigab
o i386/92303   i386       [ips] Cannot install FreeBSD 6 on an IBM x226 8488E4Y 
o i386/93385   i386       Fatal trap 12 occasionally on reboot (Abit NF7-S2 nFor
o i386/93524   i386       Automatic reboot
o i386/93615   i386       Operating system wont install.  Problem with fdisk.
o i386/93752   i386       Cannot activate the serial ports on boot probe. BIOS o
o i386/93762   i386       Machine lockup at boot loader countdown on SuperMicro 
o i386/93787   i386       freebsd 6.0 hangs on atkbd0 on Proliant 1850r server a
o i386/93809   i386       panic: could not copy LDT on RELENG_5_3 through RELENG
o i386/93845   i386       cross-machine installworld broken in sys/boot/i386/loa
o i386/93923   i386       [ata] FreeBSD Install, Sil3112: Cannot dump. No dump d
o i386/93989   i386       Can't install FreeBSD from IEEE1394 DVD-RW on Acer Tra
o i386/94141   i386       [iwi] iwi doesn't work on Acer Laptop
o i386/94364   i386       [kbd] Unable to boot on NX9110 laptop
o i386/94420   i386       FreeBSD does NOT support the pcChips M925 motherboard.
o i386/94653   i386       Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o i386/94911   i386       [ata] ata regression with DOM-IDE
o i386/95021   i386       PAE enabled kernel boot panic
o i386/95087   i386       System freeze irrespective of load on Promise FastTrak
o i386/95151   i386       Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
o i386/95365   i386       stability problems: interface not reachable on 6.1-PRE
o i386/95515   i386       unable to boot FreeBSD 6.x with SATA150 Promise contro
o i386/96014   i386       HP Pavilion zv5000(Intel) reboot installation problem
o i386/96049   i386       Generic SMP Kernel Panic in 6.1-RC1 during mount root 
o i386/96225   i386       Toshiba M70-CL3 Hangs Up During Booting
o i386/96302   i386       [ata] nVidia nForce CK804 SATA300 controller not recog
o i386/96357   i386       FreeBSD cannot recognize all the logical partitions
o i386/96371   i386       Freeze up when booting FBSD 6.0 RELEASE on IBM iSeries
o i386/96382   i386       [bge] In 6.1-RC1 the bge driver does not reliably work
o i386/96652   i386       kernel page fault
o i386/96870   i386       Crash on loader with ibm intellistation z pro
o i386/97025   i386       fbsd (2 cd) dont install in vmware 5.5.0 - reboot.
o i386/97127   i386       IBM Intellistation Z Pro crash when boot from cd
o i386/97263   i386       [ata] FreeBSD only detects first drive
o i386/97287   i386       Screen Corruption In FreeBSD 6.X When Apps Started In 
o i386/97525   i386       System freezes when cable modem connected on USB
o i386/97589   i386       [ata] FAILURE - READ_DMA (regression from 5.4)
o i386/98154   i386       6-STABLE crashes when being online via modem (Fujitsu 
o i386/98215   i386       [geode] regression: FreeBSD can no longer boot Geode G
o i386/98765   i386       [ata] timeouts on sata drive
o i386/98964   i386       [iwi] iwi totally freezes system
o i386/99570   i386       [kbd] keyboard freezes when installing from CD
o i386/99608   i386       ATAPI or CAM crash on FreeBSD 6.1-stable with a Pionee
o i386/100160  i386       [mfid] Perc5i: FreeBSD doesn't recognize more than one
o i386/100194  i386       On Intel D945GTPLKR delay at start FreeBSD kernel
o i386/100420  i386       boot1/boot2 lba error
o i386/100831  i386       [sio] sio ignores BIOS information about serial ports 
o i386/101135  i386       [iwi] iwi goes up and down
o i386/101168  i386       ncp kernel panic
o i386/101453  i386       linprocfs disallows non-zero file offsets for maps fil
o i386/101616  i386       FREEBSD FREEZE ON BOOTUP, COMPAQ PROLIANT (legacy) ser
o i386/101667  i386       [ata] ATA problems when power management is on
o i386/101711  i386       Network interfaces crashing
o i386/101817  i386       crashing of system when is server under higher pressur
o i386/101857  i386       Mouse not moving after switching with StarView SV411 K
o i386/101933  i386       server crashing
o i386/101980  i386       [PATCH] Intel 631xESB ata and ichsmb support (i386/amd
o i386/102410  i386       FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE installation boot freeze on Asus P
o i386/102562  i386       [em] no traffic pass through a em card after approx. a
o i386/103025  i386       the wrong in USB device for freeBSD 6.1 and AMD LX-800
o i386/103031  i386       Panic during installation
o i386/103063  i386       Can not install on Dell XPS 700

181 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o i386/70610   i386       [speaker] [patch] spkr(4): hardcoded assumption HZ == 
o i386/70832   i386       [re] serious problems with RealTek NIC using re0 drive
o i386/71586   i386       FreeBSD 5.3-BETA3 #3 hang during boot on HP Vectra VE 
o i386/71924   i386       timeouts with ata+hpt366 controller on BE6II motherboa
o i386/72179   i386       [acpi] [patch] Inconsistent apm(8) output regarding th
o i386/73308   i386       unable to install on AMD 2500+,NF2,GF MX440
o i386/73742   i386       5.3 rel i386 disk2 image not  copying
o i386/73921   i386       [sysctl] [patch] sysctlbyname for machdep.tsc_freq doe
o i386/74153   i386       [pst] FreeBSD 5.3 cannot boot ftom pst
o i386/74218   i386       boot floppy (2nd time) read error
o i386/74327   i386       [pmap] [patch] mlock() causes physical memory leakage
o i386/74454   i386       [] [patch] Adding VIA Eden family
o i386/74650   i386       System Reboot with umount command
o i386/74658   i386       [ata] ATAPI CD not recognized after booting FreeBSD 4.
o i386/74803   i386       regression: lost 3Com509B in 5.X
o i386/74966   i386       [rl] Realtek driver seems to misinterpret some packets
o i386/75090   i386       [ata] READ_BIG errors with Sony CRX1611
o i386/75185   i386       ACPI doesn't power off Tyan S2460
o i386/75420   i386       CMD 648 PCI not work
o i386/75583   i386       Installation fails
o i386/75776   i386       NO ps/2 keyboard using USB keyboard under bsd4.10 and 
o i386/75881   i386       ACPI suspend/resume doesn't work on ASUS L5 notebook
o i386/75898   i386       Exception and reboot: Loader and kernel use SSE2 instr
o i386/76587   i386       ps2 mouse weird...
o i386/76653   i386       Problem with Asahi Optical usb device (Pentax Optio S5
o i386/77477   i386       AHA-1542CP SCSI  failed to probe
o i386/79091   i386       [i386] [patch] Small optimization for i386/support.s
o i386/79136   i386       disk controller not detected
o i386/79274   i386       Autoconfigure fails for O2Micro OZ6812/6872 PCI-CardBu
o i386/79317   i386       Freebsd Erasing NVRAM
o i386/79840   i386       Partitioning and formating a new disk fails using sysi
o i386/79890   i386       burncd fails on a Pioneer DVD drive
o i386/80081   i386       [if_ndis] Problem loading a NDIS kernel module.
o i386/80092   i386       PC Cards do not work at all on laptop Compaq N800V
o i386/80095   i386 crashes with executables produced by tinyc
o i386/81082   i386       Failure to detect Pioneer CD drive on Intel ICH UDMA66
o i386/81358   i386       [geode] [patch] add PC Engines WRAP support
o i386/81597   i386       My POS-460 system based on a Western Digital LPM/LPX l
o i386/82548   i386       VBE video driver incorrectly switches to/from text mod
o i386/83018   i386       Installer will not boot
o i386/84555   i386       boot2 unable to load kernel directly.
o i386/85246   i386       unable to install from CD on Asus PC-DL Deluxe (specif
o i386/85273   i386       FreeBSD (NetBSD or OpenBSD) not install on laptop Comp
o i386/85417   i386       [i386] [patch] Possible bug in ia32 floating-point exc
o i386/85423   i386       [ex] ex(4) does not correctly recognize NIC in PnP mod
o i386/85652   i386       [loader] [patch] deal with out-of-memory errors during
o i386/85653   i386       [i386] [patch] relieve hangs in tight loops in process
o i386/85654   i386       [i386] [patch] separate max cpu from max apic in i386 
o i386/85655   i386       [i386] [patch] expose cpu info for i386 systems
o i386/85656   i386       [i386] [patch] expose more i386 specific CPU informati
o i386/88020   i386       cannot boot unless: hint.apic.0.disabled="1" is set on
o i386/88491   i386       [panic] Panic when boot installation CD1 (Acer TravelM
o i386/88965   i386       vidcontrol hangs with 2 modules of RAM
o i386/89294   i386       [identcpu] [patch] unknown CPU (i386/amd64) Features2
o i386/90243   i386       Laptop fan doesn't turn off (ACPI enabled) (Packard Be
o i386/90839   i386       [ata] burncd gets error on CDRIOCFIXATE with HL-DT-ST 
o i386/91594   i386       FreeBSD > 5.4 w/ACPI fails to detect Intel Pro/1000 MT
o i386/91609   i386       Booting takes *a long time* unless power cord is plugg
o i386/91761   i386       [ata] NEC_DVD-RW + system start: semaphore timeout
o i386/91871   i386       [boot1] [patch] boot1: jump to 0xf000:0xfff0 instead o
o i386/92501   i386       [irq] Hang on boot with ACPI enabled on ASUS A6R noteb
o i386/93793   i386       [kbd] Keyboard stops working after a shutdown -p now (
o i386/94850   i386       [bge] FreeBSD 6.0 on Fujitsu BX300, networking doesn't
o i386/95106   i386       cannot install freebsd
o i386/95993   i386       Cyrix 5530 unable to map interrupt
o i386/96397   i386       [dc] strange behaveour of the dc driver on divicom dm9
o i386/96406   i386       System freezes on IBM xSeries 335 with FreeBSD-6.0-REL
o i386/96430   i386       boot2 is unable to load kernel directly
o i386/96452   i386       twiddle in cdboot does not work
o i386/97468   i386       [acpi] ACPI on ASUS A7V hangs on shutdown -p (power of
o i386/98366   i386       [em] Intel PRO/1000 MT Dual PCI-X: simulatenious 1000 
o i386/98932   i386       [i386] [patch] Kernel compilation failed on specific P
o i386/99851   i386       setting rootdev crashes loader(8)
o i386/100142  i386       [pci] [patch] /dev/smb0 device not available on system
o i386/100204  i386       FreeBSD reports raid as broken - but it is not
o i386/101062  i386       Freeze on detect Intel 900 VGA on boot with ACPI
o i386/101379  i386       page fault clobbers error code in trap frame
o i386/101924  i386       MD5 checksums do not match with checksum file
o i386/102026  i386       Fix ACPI Problems on Acer Travelmate 4100 Series
o i386/102343  i386       ACPI error
o i386/102678  i386       Dell PowerEdge DRAC5 USB Keyboard
o i386/102943  i386       kernel crash when unloading the xfs kernel module
o i386/103190  i386       auditd doesn't start in -STABLE
o i386/103192  i386       no CD/DVD devices found while install Freebsd

84 problems total.

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