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Mon Jun 6 11:01:48 GMT 2005

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/10/06] i386/57673  i386        [disklabel] Odd/dangerous disklabel behav
o [2004/02/16] i386/62902  i386        Data Corruption on Dell PE 600SC (Server 
o [2004/04/28] i386/66039  i386        panic: system panic with file system corr
o [2004/05/27] i386/67260  i386        [boot] stack overflow after boot menu whe
o [2004/09/05] i386/71395  i386        Data corrupted on Serverworks CG-SL chips
o [2004/09/09] i386/71538  i386        [install] multi-homed install trashes exi
o [2005/01/18] i386/76397  i386        ata raid crashes in g_down (heavy load)
o [2005/03/14] i386/78837  i386        Partition Table Corruption in 5.3
o [2005/06/04] i386/81903  i386        Installer hangs on all menu entries on To

9 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/03/13] i386/25781  i386        Statclocks cannot be disabled on ServerWo
o [2002/07/05] i386/40219  i386        [apm] apm breaks removable media
o [2002/10/16] i386/44130  i386        Enabled apm hangs up FreeBSD kernel on i8
o [2003/02/24] i386/48614  i386        VESA VGA modes for syscons lock up machin
o [2003/05/22] i386/52556  i386        Syskonnect SK9843SX, sk driver, MII not d
o [2003/05/22] i386/52581  i386        Boot loaders reading more than one sector
o [2003/05/24] i386/52638  i386        SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster 
o [2003/06/06] i386/52975  i386        CPUTYPE=k7 results in non-functional /boo
o [2003/06/11] i386/53200  i386        [boot] 5.1-RC1 SMP kernel boot gags at "A
o [2003/06/16] i386/53382  i386        Repetable panics in ffs_vget() on Prolian
o [2003/06/23] i386/53620  i386        [install] Kernel panics / reboots during 
o [2003/07/02] i386/54033  i386        Disk lockup.
o [2003/07/15] i386/54501  i386        Promise Ultra133 TX2 does not work proper
o [2003/08/13] i386/55555  i386        system freezes with access to /dev/ums0
o [2003/08/13] i386/55561  i386        SMbus and I2C don't attach when loaded as
o [2003/08/15] i386/55615  i386        machine freezes - goes on after key press
a [2003/08/24] i386/55930  i386        partly configured serial port freezes sys
o [2003/09/17] i386/56937  i386        panic: system panic during high network l
o [2003/09/20] i386/57043  i386        [hang] ar driver with 2 port PCI card loc
f [2003/09/22] i386/57097  i386        [hang] Promise Ultra 100 TX2 causes locku
p [2003/10/01] i386/57480  i386        Removing very large files using rm doesn'
o [2003/10/09] i386/57818  i386        4.9-RC panics when kernel is built with a
o [2003/10/16] i386/58139  i386        [panic] -CURRENT panics on Thinkpad A31p 
o [2003/10/23] i386/58458  i386        ATAPI-CDROM DMA Support on ALi Aladdin V 
o [2003/10/26] i386/58580  i386        After sysinstall, F2 fails; wrong device 
o [2003/10/30] i386/58718  i386        need to remove battery before booting lap
o [2003/11/02] i386/58826  i386        reboot on an IBM PC Server 315 merely hal
o [2003/11/11] i386/59192  i386        ATA drive not spotted with SCSI drive
o [2003/11/25] i386/59683  i386        panic: signal 12 4.9-STABLE - frequent cr
o [2003/11/26] i386/59701  i386        System hungup, after resume from suspend.
o [2003/12/02] i386/59895  i386        [hang] system hangs from disk IO errors [
f [2003/12/02] i386/59897  i386        [hang] problems with swap-pager with grea
f [2003/12/02] i386/59898  i386        [boot] pxe boot: BTX halted
o [2003/12/17] i386/60344  i386        [boot] Intel ICH5 SATA RAID boot problems
o [2003/12/27] i386/60603  i386        dd causes error when copying cd from ATA 
o [2003/12/27] i386/60633  i386        [hang] SIS motherboard with the SIS 5591 
o [2003/12/27] i386/60641  i386        Sporadic SCSI bus resets with 53C810 unde
o [2003/12/28] i386/60671  i386        FreeBSD 5.2RC2 installation process doesn
o [2003/12/29] i386/60681  i386        wicontrol -L critical crash (sigbus)
o [2003/12/29] i386/60690  i386        atapicd driver causes spontaneous uncondi
o [2004/01/04] i386/60887  i386        can't boot when fbsd exists with other op
o [2004/01/08] i386/61063  i386        [ata] ata hangs in smp system
o [2004/01/12] i386/61253  i386        [panic] page fault on installation freebs
o [2004/01/13] i386/61303  i386        5.2-REL hangs during boot with 3-port pyr
o [2004/01/13] i386/61326  i386        Reboot while booting from 5.2-RELEASE CD
o [2004/01/14] i386/61342  i386        [hang] CD-based installation crashes [4.9
o [2004/01/20] i386/61646  i386        [workaround] Strange irq20 weirdness caus
o [2004/01/22] i386/61709  i386        [panic] 5.2-REL i386 Crashes hard; panics
o [2004/01/25] i386/61890  i386        [fdisk] FDisk uses incorrect calculations
f [2004/02/02] i386/62248  i386        [boot] 5.2 current hangs on boot
o [2004/02/02] i386/62280  i386        em0 broken after resume in 5.2-CURRENT
o [2004/02/09] i386/62565  i386        device.hints are not honored in 5.2.1-RC
o [2004/02/13] i386/62807  i386        4.9 SMP does not work with  Compaq Smart 
o [2004/02/15] i386/62888  i386        ad4: WARNING - WRITE_DMA interrupt was se
o [2004/02/24] i386/63305  i386        reading udf filesystem on dvd+rw leads to
o [2004/02/27] i386/63430  i386        [ata] TIMEOUT - ATA READ
o [2004/02/27] i386/63441  i386        [panic] fatal trap 12 in pmap.c [4.9 with
o [2004/02/27] i386/63467  i386        [ata] Sil 3114: RAID not detected using S
o [2004/03/03] i386/63678  i386        5.2.1 installation hangs on t30
o [2004/03/04] i386/63776  i386        [boot] hang during boot on a toshiba p25 
o [2004/03/06] i386/63828  i386        [hang] when installing Release 5.2.1 (i38
o [2004/03/07] i386/63871  i386        [panic] kernel panic in swi8 after 1 hour
o [2004/03/09] i386/63992  i386        [hang] XFree86 4.3 hangs on IBM ThinkPad 
o [2004/03/12] i386/64183  i386        5.1-RELEASE Install hung at "Probing devi
o [2004/03/19] i386/64450  i386        Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE (PCI) fr
o [2004/03/25] i386/64680  i386        5.2.1 pci-cfgintr steals serial mouse irq
o [2004/03/25] i386/64697  i386        5.2.x BTX loader halts with Promise FastT
o [2004/03/25] i386/64716  i386        [nis] mv crashes FreeBSD 5.2.1-p3
o [2004/03/25] i386/64727  i386        [boot] cannot find disk on asus p4s533mx
o [2004/04/03] i386/65137  i386        [boot] 5.2.1 Intall Boot from floppies pa
o [2004/04/14] i386/65523  i386        [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multipl
o [2004/04/19] i386/65775  i386        [panic] Transmeta crusoe without longrun 
f [2004/04/22] i386/65896  i386        [panic] 5.2-RELEASE re(4) driver, kernel 
f [2004/04/25] i386/65954  i386        [panic] Sil0680 panic [5.2.1-p5]
o [2004/04/29] i386/66087  i386        [install] hang at PCI config [5.2.1]
o [2004/05/01] i386/66133  i386        [boot] nvidia motherboard installer locks
o [2004/05/06] i386/66306  i386        pnpbios_identify() queries for more devic
f [2004/05/06] i386/66339  i386        [hang] XFree86 initialization with an Lap
o [2004/05/07] i386/66350  i386        [sysinstall] sysinstall creates a partiti
o [2004/05/07] i386/66368  i386        [install] 4.9 install fails with MODE_SEN
o [2004/05/19] i386/66876  i386        [patch] Cannot extract tar(1) multi-volum
o [2004/05/22] i386/67047  i386        mpt driver does not recognize messages fr
o [2004/06/01] i386/67469  i386        src/lib/msun/i387/s_tan.S gives incorrect
o [2004/06/07] i386/67688  i386        5.2.1 initial floppy boot fails with Fata
o [2004/06/11] i386/67833  i386        [boot] 4.10 does not boot after enabling 
f [2004/06/15] i386/67955  i386        [panic] -current on T40p kernel trap 12 i
o [2004/06/27] i386/68411  i386        VMware Virtual Machine - Network Fails Du
o [2004/06/28] i386/68438  i386        bootloader cannot read from icp vortex ar
o [2004/07/01] i386/68554  i386        [hang] system freeze on Compaq Evo 600c [
o [2004/07/10] i386/68899  i386        Problems reading and writing DVD-RAM disc
o [2004/07/11] i386/68900  i386        5.x install CDs fail to boot on Toshiba S
o [2004/07/14] i386/69049  i386        [install] error "anic: page fault"
o [2004/07/19] i386/69260  i386        [install] Problem starting the installati
o [2004/07/19] i386/69281  i386        init dies when MAXSSIZ, MAXDSIZ, and DFLD
f [2004/08/03] i386/69945  i386        "Page fault" while shutting down on VIA K
o [2004/08/05] i386/70028  i386        umass isuue in the boot prcess on SONY La
o [2004/08/11] i386/70330  i386        Re-Open 33262? - gdb does not handle pend
o [2004/08/13] i386/70386  i386        IBM x345 Freezes Randomly
o [2004/08/15] i386/70482  i386        Array adapter problems
o [2004/08/16] i386/70525  i386        [boot] boot0cfg: -o packet not effective
o [2004/08/16] i386/70531  i386        [patch] boot0 hides Lilo in extended slic
o [2004/08/19] i386/70663  i386        Freebsd 4.10 ncplogin + Netware 4.11 = nw
o [2004/08/20] i386/70747  i386        ddos attack causes box to crash on kernel
f [2004/08/21] i386/70805  i386        [apm] page fault early during boot with a
o [2004/08/25] i386/70925  i386        [hang] 5.3Beta1 acpi-pci driver failure, 
o [2004/08/26] i386/71000  i386        [boot] BTX halted when booting from CD on
o [2004/08/27] i386/71048  i386        [hang] ASUS TUV4X hangs when SONY CRX140E
o [2004/08/28] i386/71087  i386        [hang] 5.3-beta(2-5) fail to install on e
o [2004/08/30] i386/71144  i386        FBSD5.3b2 doesn't boot on a Compaq Armada
o [2004/08/30] i386/71158  i386        pci bus number 3 devices are missing on l
o [2004/08/31] i386/71190  i386        Dead thinkpad R31 after installing 5.2.1
o [2004/08/31] i386/71208  i386        Intel EtherExpress not working
o [2004/09/05] i386/71392  i386        5.3-Beta[2-5] crash after final sync when
o [2004/09/06] i386/71428  i386        DMA does not work on VIA 82C586 [4.10]
o [2004/09/07] i386/71470  i386        [hang] Asus P4P800-E Promise 20378 RAID 1
o [2004/09/12] i386/71641  i386        5.3-BETA3: wi0 hangs during kernel load
o [2004/09/22] i386/72004  i386        [boot] FreeBSD 5.2.1 install hangs with e
o [2004/09/24] i386/72065  i386        4.x and 5.2.1 doesn't recognize PCnet/ISA
o [2004/09/30] i386/72215  i386        with acpi enabled network card will not w
o [2004/10/04] i386/72334  i386        7) i386|[boot] FreeBSD 5.3 Beta6 and Beta
o [2004/10/05] i386/72343  i386        Suspend resets system on Inspiron 5160.
o [2004/10/06] i386/72378  i386        NFS hangs in 5.3-BETA7 [3Com gbit card]
o [2004/10/07] i386/72416  i386        FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7: The alternate systemcl
o [2004/10/08] i386/72441  i386        HP Proliant DL380 hangs on reboot with 5.
o [2004/10/09] i386/72456  i386        5.xx Releases Do Not Identify ATA when 4.
o [2004/10/17] i386/72778  i386        5.3beta7 never boots, suspected SMP probl
o [2004/10/21] i386/72960  i386        BTX halted with Promise Tx2000 Raid
o [2004/10/21] i386/72976  i386        [panic] trap 9 on boot [ACPI-related]
o [2004/10/27] i386/73182  i386        fxp0: device timeout
o [2004/10/27] i386/73196  i386        [hang]5.2.1 boot CD hangs during boot on 
o [2004/10/29] i386/73265  i386        FreeBSD kernel crashes when booting on EC
o [2004/11/08] i386/73658  i386        ed(4) can't get correct MAC address
o [2004/11/08] i386/73666  i386        5.3 UDMA error WD1600 can't partition dri
o [2004/11/14] i386/73934  i386        fdisk sees disk as empty
o [2004/11/16] i386/74008  i386        IBM eServer x225 cannot boot any v5.x - e
o [2004/11/17] i386/74044  i386        ServerWorks OSB4 SMBus interface does not
o [2004/11/18] i386/74074  i386        hw.ata.wc=0 / but write cache still enabl
o [2004/11/19] i386/74124  i386        ata0 failure on HP(Vectra) VL6/350 [intro
o [2004/11/21] i386/74217  i386        init died [Presario 2500]
o [2004/11/29] i386/74532  i386        Install will not boot on Toshiba Satalite
o [2004/12/01] i386/74576  i386        FAILURE - ATA_IDENTIFY no interrupt
o [2004/12/01] i386/74601  i386        Cardbus fails after busdma_machdep.c upda
o [2004/12/02] i386/74605  i386        5.3 networking impossibly slow on 32M p15
o [2004/12/07] i386/74816  i386        OS crash with kernel trap 12 in different
o [2004/12/10] i386/74923  i386        kernel panic with ncplist on 5.3-release 
o [2004/12/12] i386/74988  i386        dma errors with large maxtor hard drives
o [2004/12/14] i386/75041  i386        Sk driver gets "Corrupt MAC on input" dur
o [2004/12/17] i386/75201  i386        nge driver causes FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE and
o [2004/12/23] i386/75441  i386        fxp device timeout
o [2004/12/27] i386/75531  i386        Various DMA errors result in system panic
o [2005/01/06] i386/75887  i386        with vt0.disabled=0 and PCVT in kernel vi
o [2005/01/11] i386/76105  i386        PF on renamed interfaces page fault while
o [2005/01/17] i386/76372  i386        cannot burn iso image disk2 of any releas
o [2005/01/20] i386/76487  i386        Compiled GENERIC kernel (and non-GENERIC)
o [2005/01/25] i386/76666  i386        Booting and Sound are mutually exclusive 
o [2005/01/27] i386/76737  i386        CardBus problem (cbb1: Could not map regi
f [2005/01/28] i386/76785  i386        Installation Errors
o [2005/01/31] i386/76925  i386        standard pci-ide, install - "NO DISKS FOU
o [2005/02/01] i386/76944  i386        [patch] i386 bus_dmamap_create() bug
o [2005/02/01] i386/76948  i386        Slow network with rl0 (rl0 driver problem
o [2005/02/06] i386/77154  i386        5.3 refuses to boot when IDE channel2 is 
o [2005/02/10] i386/77335  i386        Can not initial Ethernet Broadcom UDI PXE
o [2005/02/13] i386/77443  i386        Can't access floppy - "/dev/fd0: Input/ou
o [2005/02/14] i386/77529  i386        installation of freebsd 5.3 in laptop an 
o [2005/02/17] i386/77643  i386        SATA PCI controllers fail with WRITE_DMA 
o [2005/02/21] i386/77825  i386        dc driver pagefaults on bootup
o [2005/02/22] i386/77935  i386        Can't boot with 5.x CD or floppy
o [2005/02/25] i386/78075  i386        filesystem corruption
o [2005/03/01] i386/78218  i386        kue not detected on Sony PCG-F370 VAIO
o [2005/03/01] i386/78219  i386        Netgear FA-410TX is incorrectly detected
o [2005/03/02] i386/78301  i386        Fatal trap 12
o [2005/03/03] i386/78339  i386        BTX loader crashes on boot on HP Proliant
o [2005/03/07] i386/78517  i386        WRITE_DMA and READ_DMA timeouts with ATI 
o [2005/03/10] i386/78657  i386        error installing 5.3-RELEASE due to Compa
o [2005/03/10] i386/78666  i386        ata0-master: FAILURE ATA-IDENTIFY timed o
o [2005/03/16] i386/78929  i386        atapicam prevents boot, system hangs
o [2005/03/16] i386/78930  i386        SuperMicro web server with 5.3-RELEASE ke
o [2005/03/21] i386/79073  i386        System panic and hang after creating a la
f [2005/03/21] i386/79097  i386        mount new partition maps /
f [2005/03/22] i386/79141  i386        5.4Beta1 does not recognize my intel grap
o [2005/03/23] i386/79169  i386        freeze with striped USB Drives under high
o [2005/03/27] i386/79268  i386        5.3-RELEASE won't boot on Compaq Armada 4
o [2005/03/28] i386/79323  i386        authmod setup with ifconfig on dlink wlan
o [2005/03/31] i386/79409  i386        [ataidle?] Come back from idle make the s
o [2005/04/08] i386/79686  i386        Spurious notebook disk errors from ATA dr
o [2005/04/09] i386/79729  i386        umass, da0 not detected by devfs for
o [2005/04/09] i386/79730  i386        SLIM DRIVE COMBO fails with READ_BIG erro
o [2005/04/11] i386/79779  i386        If system memory is above 4GB, one parts 
o [2005/04/11] i386/79784  i386        Broadcom  BCM4401 (bfe) : no carrier
f [2005/04/11] i386/79797  i386        [panic] pmap_dev: Coud't alloc kernel vir
o [2005/04/12] i386/79807  i386        Lock Up on Old Acer P1 Comp
o [2005/04/12] i386/79833  i386        BTX crashes on boot when using Promise TX
o [2005/04/14] i386/79912  i386        Sound broken for 2 VIA chipsets
o [2005/04/14] i386/79943  i386        Very High interupt rate on PCM
o [2005/04/22] i386/80268  i386        [crash] System with Transmeta Efficeon cp
o [2005/04/28] i386/80426  i386        5.4-RC3 still panic when boot on ASUS P2B
o [2005/04/28] i386/80433  i386        write failure on transfer!
o [2005/05/02] i386/80539  i386        bug /dev/bpf           (/usr/ports/net-mg
o [2005/05/03] i386/80572  i386        bridge/ipfw works intermittantly.
o [2005/05/07] i386/80739  i386        Strange panic (keyboard related?) on 5.4 
o [2005/05/10] i386/80853  i386        ed driver - support for Compex RL2000/ISA
o [2005/05/12] i386/80938  i386        gmirror: DEVFS Overflow table
o [2005/05/13] i386/80969  i386        Repeatable double fault panic after CARP 
o [2005/05/13] i386/80989  i386        Cannot install 5.4-RELEASE both in my sys
o [2005/05/14] i386/81019  i386        RealTek 8169S32 behaves erratically
o [2005/05/16] i386/81111  i386        /boot/loader causes reboot due to CFLAGS+
o [2005/05/18] i386/81215  i386        X Freeze on Dell Inspiron 9100 with Radeo
o [2005/05/19] i386/81235  i386        /sys/i386/conf/GENERIC needs "options ASR
o [2005/05/20] i386/81311  i386        Athlon MP SMP + 3ware + em0 = deadlock, n
o [2005/05/23] i386/81390  i386        ( usermode ppp ) LCP Negotiation Never Fi
o [2005/05/31] i386/81694  i386        boot loader doesn't work after the world 
o [2005/06/04] i386/81887  i386        Adaptec SCSI 2130S aac0: GetDeviceProbeIn

212 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2002/07/24] i386/40958  i386        apm on Acer TravelMate 351 could not resu
o [2002/08/21] i386/41856  i386        VESA splash screen problems on ThinkPad 2
o [2003/05/14] i386/52249  i386        [PATCH] Bootmanager shows NTFS partitions
o [2003/05/19] i386/52427  i386        DVD replay under MSI "655 MAX" mobo inter
o [2003/10/31] i386/58784  i386        ATA DMA fails and vx0 creates panic
o [2003/12/17] i386/60319  i386        [hang] read error 34/0 during installatio
o [2003/12/29] i386/60702  i386        can't boot 5.2-RC2 iso's to install
o [2004/01/06] i386/60963  i386        [PATCH] Win32 Applications abort on PECOF
o [2004/01/07] i386/61005  i386        [boot] The Boot Manager in FreeBSD 5.2RC 
o [2004/01/13] i386/61308  i386        Maxproc Limits counts Zombie Processes wh
o [2004/01/14] i386/61348  i386        Adaptec 1460D PCI SCSI Card does not work
o [2004/01/16] i386/61442  i386        Highpoint RocketRAID 1520 uses only UDMA2
o [2004/01/17] i386/61481  i386        [patch] a mechanism to wire io-channel-ch
o [2004/01/20] i386/61603  i386        [sysinstall] wrong geometry guessed
o [2004/01/24] i386/61838  i386        Realtek -8139C Card Not Supported
o [2004/01/24] i386/61843  i386        Intel PRO/100 VE adapter is not recognize
f [2004/01/25] i386/61889  i386        Have to reinsert pccard after reboot
o [2004/01/27] i386/62003  i386        [patch] make /boot/loader "reboot" code s
o [2004/02/17] i386/62977  i386        Mouse daemon during install/setup
o [2004/03/05] i386/63815  i386        boot loader waste a lot of time (10 min) 
o [2004/03/23] i386/64626  i386        AP initialization problem on GIGABYTE GA-
o [2004/04/03] i386/65124  i386        Unable to disable TERM_EMU cleanly
o [2004/04/14] i386/65528  i386        mouse cursor disapears on moving
f [2004/05/21] i386/66996  i386        Problem with CD/DVD ROM
o [2004/05/22] i386/67055  i386        Mouse (wheel) detection problem on SIS748
o [2004/05/30] i386/67383  i386        [patch] do a better job disassembling cod
o [2004/06/09] i386/67763  i386        [patch] PCMCIA: MELCO manufacturer code s
o [2004/06/10] i386/67773  i386        5.x series - md5 on dev no longer works e
o [2004/06/18] i386/68087  i386        wget core dumps with: Assertion failed: (
o [2004/06/19] i386/68117  i386        serious network collisions after NIC "med
o [2004/06/20] i386/68140  i386        Problem with Sony AIT ATAPI Tape dirve
o [2004/06/30] i386/68514  i386        Realtek driver halts on oversized frames
o [2004/06/30] i386/68518  i386        Hangs while loading 82443BX agp during bo
o [2004/07/07] i386/68754  i386        [hang] SMP reset bug (Tyan Thunder100, 44
o [2004/07/18] i386/69257  i386        [patch] in_cksum_hdr is non-functional wi
f [2004/07/23] i386/69460  i386        the nic's speed slow down when both side 
o [2004/07/28] i386/69722  i386        wi0: init failed
o [2004/07/29] i386/69730  i386        [patch] puc driver doesn't support PC-Com
f [2004/08/05] i386/70036  i386        pcn device not recognizing device
o [2004/08/18] i386/70610  i386        [patch] spkr(4): hardcoded assumption HZ 
o [2004/08/22] i386/70810  i386        [patch] Enable SMBus device on Asus P4B s
o [2004/08/22] i386/70832  i386        Serious problems with RealTek NIC using r
o [2004/08/25] i386/70926  i386        [boot] 5.3Beta-1 bootstrap error: "atapci
o [2004/09/11] i386/71586  i386        FreeBSD 5.3-BETA3 #3 hang during boot on 
o [2004/09/20] i386/71924  i386        timeouts with ata+hpt366 controller on BE
o [2004/09/29] i386/72179  i386        Inconsistent apm(8) output regarding the 
o [2004/10/30] i386/73308  i386        unable to install on AMD 2500+,NF2,GF MX4
o [2004/11/08] i386/73663  i386        module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (ibcs2, 0x
o [2004/11/08] i386/73673  i386        ifconfig tun0 destroy report: ifconfig: S
o [2004/11/09] i386/73742  i386        5.3 rel i386 disk2 image not  copying
o [2004/11/12] i386/73847  i386        volume label - 5.3 cd 1
o [2004/11/14] i386/73921  i386        sysctlbyname for machdep.tsc_freq doesn't
o [2004/11/15] i386/73978  i386        an error message appears during loading o
o [2004/11/20] i386/74153  i386        FreeBSD 5.3 cannot boot ftom pst
o [2004/11/21] i386/74188  i386        no sound on a7v600-x with chipset VT8237
o [2004/11/21] i386/74191  i386        Notebook PC2001 Compliant AC97 audio work
o [2004/11/21] i386/74211  i386        USB flash drive causes CAM status 0x4 on 
o [2004/11/21] i386/74216  i386        system halts
o [2004/11/21] i386/74218  i386        boot floppy (2nd time) read error
o [2004/11/24] i386/74327  i386        mlock() causes physical memory leakage
o [2004/11/27] i386/74454  i386        [PATCH] Adding VIA Eden family to bsd.cpu
o [2004/12/03] i386/74650  i386        System Reboot with umount command
o [2004/12/07] i386/74803  i386        3Com509B
o [2004/12/08] i386/74829  i386        [patch] FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE hangs during 
o [2004/12/12] i386/74966  i386        Realtek driver seems to misinterpret some
o [2004/12/15] i386/75090  i386        READ_BIG errors with Sony CRX1611
o [2004/12/22] i386/75387  i386        Future support of Promise SATAII150 TX4 w
o [2004/12/23] i386/75420  i386        CMD 648 PCI not work
o [2004/12/28] i386/75583  i386        Installation fails
o [2004/12/29] i386/75589  i386        O2Micro pccard1 slot not functioning whil
o [2005/01/04] i386/75776  i386        NO ps/2 keyboard using USB keyboard under
o [2005/01/06] i386/75898  i386        Exception and reboot: Loader and kernel u
o [2005/01/23] i386/76587  i386        ps2 mouse weird...
f [2005/01/25] i386/76653  i386        Problem with Asahi Optical usb device (Pe
o [2005/02/07] i386/77239  i386        3Com 3CXFEM656C does not seem to be suppo
o [2005/02/14] i386/77477  i386        AHA-1542CP SCSI  failed to probe
o [2005/02/15] i386/77541  i386        em driver if_oerrors book keeping error
o [2005/03/07] i386/78569  i386        seg fault compiling after install on AMD 
o [2005/03/21] i386/79091  i386        [patch] Small optimization for i386/suppo
o [2005/03/22] i386/79136  i386        disk controller not detected
o [2005/03/22] i386/79143  i386        Broadcom NIC driver do not work for IPMI
o [2005/03/27] i386/79272  i386        "ata" detects and enables UDMA66 or UDMA1
o [2005/03/27] i386/79274  i386        Autoconfigure fails for O2Micro OZ6812/68
o [2005/03/28] i386/79317  i386        Freebsd Erasing NVRAM
o [2005/03/30] i386/79350  i386        "ata" unrequested increase in xDMAx speed
o [2005/04/12] i386/79840  i386        Partitioning and formating a new disk fai
o [2005/04/14] i386/79890  i386        burncd fails on a Pioneer DVD drive
o [2005/04/18] i386/80081  i386        Problem loading a NDIS kernel module.
o [2005/04/19] i386/80092  i386        PC Cards do not work at all on laptop Com
o [2005/04/19] i386/80095  i386 crashes with executables prod
o [2005/04/19] i386/80097  i386        df reports incorrect stats with gmirror
o [2005/04/22] i386/80236  i386        atacontrol outputs minimal usage
o [2005/04/22] i386/80265  i386        D-Link NIC with VIA Rhine  II has no carr
o [2005/04/27] i386/80391  i386        sound card driver
o [2005/04/29] i386/80465  i386        pcm0:record:0: record interrupt timeout
o [2005/05/03] i386/80580  i386        4.11 router panic in lockmgr: locking aga
o [2005/05/15] i386/81082  i386        Failure to detect Pioneer CD drive on Int
o [2005/05/19] i386/81263  i386        rc.conf error on startup
o [2005/05/22] i386/81358  i386        PC Engines WRAP support
o [2005/05/24] i386/81438  i386        Ataidle seems broken + problem with ATA w
o [2005/05/28] i386/81597  i386        My POS-460 system based on a Western Digi
o [2005/05/30] i386/81674  i386        Install root option of 4.11 boot floppies
o [2005/05/30] i386/81684  i386        No support for Asus Pundit-R Onboard NIC 
o [2005/06/01] i386/81756  i386        boot2 trying to execute /kernel instead o
o [2005/06/01] i386/81771  i386        make buildworld fails (libstdc++ compilat
o [2005/06/02] i386/81790  i386        Asus P4SP-MX + FreeBSD = hangs on reboot
o [2005/06/02] i386/81803  i386        [patch] Unsupported ICH6 SMBus controller

107 problems total.

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