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Mon Jun 14 11:01:49 GMT 2004

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/05/25] i386/52668  i386        AIC7902 problem when large data transferr
o [2003/06/11] i386/53203  i386        "BTX halted" when attempting install of 5
o [2003/06/23] i386/53620  i386        Kernel panics / reboots during install of
o [2003/09/16] i386/56933  i386        kernel panic vm_page_remove
o [2003/09/17] i386/56937  i386        system panic during high network load
o [2003/09/20] i386/57043  i386        ar driver with 2 port PCI card locks up w
f [2003/09/22] i386/57097  i386        Promise Ultra 100 TX2 causes lockup on SM
p [2003/10/01] i386/57480  i386        Removing very large files using rm doesn'
f [2003/10/06] i386/57632  i386        Dell PowerEdge 4300 is allergic to FreeBS
o [2003/10/12] i386/57881  i386        ripping audio CDs causes kernel panic
o [2003/11/13] i386/59253  i386        ata device reset hangs if device is dead
o [2003/11/25] i386/59683  i386        panic signal 12 4.9-STABLE - frequent cra
o [2003/12/02] i386/59895  i386        system hangs from disk IO errors
o [2003/12/02] i386/59897  i386        problems with swap-pager with great datat
o [2003/12/02] i386/59898  i386        pxe boot: BTX halted
o [2003/12/17] i386/60344  i386        Intel ICH5 SATA RAID boot problems on bot
o [2004/01/08] i386/61063  i386        ata hangs in smp system
f [2004/01/10] i386/61163  i386        "/:write falied, filesystem is full" duri
o [2004/01/16] i386/61438  i386        5.2 nfs tasks running and not selected at
o [2004/01/20] i386/61646  i386        Strange irq20 weirdness causing system lo
o [2004/01/22] i386/61709  i386        FreeBSD 5.2-REL i386 Crashes hard; panics
f [2004/02/02] i386/62248  i386        5.2 current hangs on boot
o [2004/02/27] i386/63430  i386        TIMEOUT - ATA READ
o [2004/02/27] i386/63441  i386        Fatal trap 12 in pmap.c
o [2004/03/04] i386/63776  i386        FreeBSD 5.x freezes during boot on a tosh
o [2004/03/06] i386/63828  i386        System hangs when installing Release 5.2.
o [2004/03/06] i386/63853  i386        5.2.1 boot CD hangs during boot\
o [2004/03/07] i386/63871  i386        Kernel panic in swi8 after 1 hour uptime
o [2004/03/09] i386/64002  i386        acpi problem
o [2004/03/25] i386/64716  i386        mv crashes FreeBSD 5.2.1-p3
o [2004/03/25] i386/64727  i386        problem with partition in freebsd 5.2.1 s
o [2004/04/01] i386/65019  i386        Nvidia Crash
o [2004/04/03] i386/65137  i386        5.2.1 Intall Boot from floppies page faul
o [2004/04/16] i386/65646  i386        FreeBSD suddenly turns off the power
f [2004/04/25] i386/65954  i386        Sil0680 panic (5.2.1-p5)
o [2004/04/28] i386/66039  i386        System panic with file system corruption
o [2004/04/28] i386/66043  i386        3ware raid config larger than 1TB fails o
o [2004/04/29] i386/66087  i386        Install hang at pci config
o [2004/04/30] i386/66098  i386        SMP machine hanging up when running shutd
o [2004/05/01] i386/66133  i386        nvidia motherboard installer locks during
o [2004/05/05] i386/66297  i386        FREE BSD INSTALLATION PROBLEM
o [2004/05/06] i386/66339  i386        XFree86 initialization with an Laptop Tos
o [2004/05/08] i386/66401  i386        Failure to boot install disk on Compaq R3
o [2004/05/08] i386/66402  i386        Boot menu crash: Stack overflow
o [2004/05/20] i386/66966  i386        MD devices trash system
o [2004/05/27] i386/67260  i386        stack overflow after boot menu
o [2004/06/01] i386/67456  i386        LOR on dual-xeon w/ ht
o [2004/06/07] i386/67688  i386        5.2.1 initial floppy boot fails with Fata
o [2004/06/10] i386/67773  i386        5.x series - md5 on dev no longer works e

49 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/03/13] i386/25781  i386        Statclocks cannot be disables on ServerWo
o [2002/07/05] i386/40219  i386        [apm] apm breaks removable media
o [2002/10/16] i386/44130  i386        Enabled apm hangs up FreeBSD kernel on i8
o [2003/02/24] i386/48614  i386        VESA VGA modes for syscons lock up machin
o [2003/05/22] i386/52556  i386        Syskonnect SK9843SX, sk driver, MII not d
o [2003/05/22] i386/52581  i386        Boot loaders reading more than one sector
o [2003/05/24] i386/52638  i386        SCSI U320 on SMP server won't run faster 
o [2003/06/06] i386/52975  i386        CPUTYPE=k7 results in non-functional /boo
o [2003/06/10] i386/53137  i386        background fscking causing ffs_valloc pan
o [2003/06/16] i386/53382  i386        Repetable panics in ffs_vget() on Prolian
o [2003/07/01] i386/53948  i386        console="comconsole" in loader.conf cause
o [2003/07/02] i386/54033  i386        Disk lockup.
o [2003/07/15] i386/54501  i386        Promise Ultra133 TX2 does not work proper
o [2003/08/05] i386/55290  i386        please MFC the PR:22971 (LinuxEmu; Implem
o [2003/08/13] i386/55555  i386        system freezes with access to /dev/ums0
o [2003/08/13] i386/55561  i386        SMbus and I2C don't attach when loaded as
o [2003/08/15] i386/55615  i386        machine freezes - goes on after key press
o [2003/08/23] i386/55908  i386        perl process stuck in pipewr (no pipe bei
a [2003/08/24] i386/55930  i386        partly configured serial port freezes sys
o [2003/10/06] i386/57673  i386        Odd/dangerous disklabel behaviour on 5.0 
o [2003/10/09] i386/57818  i386        4.9-RC panics when kernel is built with a
o [2003/10/23] i386/58458  i386        ATAPI-CDROM DMA Support on ALi Aladdin V 
o [2003/10/26] i386/58580  i386        After sysinstall, F2 fails; wrong device 
o [2003/10/30] i386/58718  i386        need to remove battery before booting lap
o [2003/10/31] i386/58749  i386        lock order reversal with heavy IO on ar0 
o [2003/11/02] i386/58826  i386        reboot on an IBM PC Server 315 merely hal
o [2003/11/03] i386/58870  i386        page fault in kernel mode with ifconfig a
o [2003/11/11] i386/59192  i386        ATA drive not spotted with SCSI drive
o [2003/11/15] i386/59298  i386        Can't render anything with Blender / RADE
o [2003/11/26] i386/59701  i386        System hungup, after resume from suspend.
o [2003/12/04] i386/59945  i386        nullfs bug: reboot after panic: null_chec
o [2003/12/11] i386/60154  i386        ipfw core (crash)
o [2003/12/27] i386/60603  i386        dd causes error when copying cd from ATA 
o [2003/12/27] i386/60641  i386        Sporadic SCSI bus resets with 53C810 unde
o [2003/12/28] i386/60671  i386        FreeBSD 5.2RC2 installation process doesn
o [2003/12/29] i386/60681  i386        wicontrol -L critical crash (sigbus)
o [2003/12/29] i386/60690  i386        atapicd driver causes spontaneous uncondi
o [2004/01/04] i386/60887  i386        can't boot when fbsd exists with other op
o [2004/01/06] i386/60984  i386        NFS Server hang
o [2004/01/13] i386/61303  i386        5.2-REL hangs during boot with 3-port pyr
o [2004/01/13] i386/61326  i386        Reboot while booting from 5.2-RELEASE CD
o [2004/01/14] i386/61342  i386        CD-based installation crashes as kernel "
o [2004/01/16] i386/61443  i386        FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE installation stops at
o [2004/01/22] i386/61705  i386        Random "bus errors".
o [2004/01/23] i386/61804  i386        hitachi travelstar usb hdd (40gb) drivers
o [2004/01/24] i386/61852  i386        i386 pmap SMP race condition can cause lo
o [2004/01/25] i386/61890  i386        FDisk uses incorrect calculations for dis
o [2004/01/26] i386/61937  i386        Cannot Install 5.2-REL via serial console
o [2004/01/30] i386/62088  i386        Logitech Cordless/Optical Mouse not worki
o [2004/02/02] i386/62280  i386        em0 broken after resume in 5.2-CURRENT
o [2004/02/08] i386/62519  i386        sound card does not work on laptop
o [2004/02/09] i386/62565  i386        device.hints are not honored in 5.2.1-RC
o [2004/02/13] i386/62789  i386        PANIC on PPPoE Server
o [2004/02/13] i386/62807  i386        4.9 SMP does not work with  Compaq Smart 
o [2004/02/14] i386/62833  i386        Can't Install: cancel by syncing disks an
o [2004/02/15] i386/62888  i386        ad4: WARNING - WRITE_DMA interrupt was se
o [2004/02/16] i386/62902  i386        Data Corruption on Dell PE 600SC (Server 
o [2004/02/17] i386/62952  i386        USB not working
o [2004/02/18] i386/63027  i386        bad TX performance of xl driver for 3COM 
o [2004/02/20] i386/63098  i386        Compaq Workstation IDE CDROM drive not pr
o [2004/02/23] i386/63248  i386        Under high network traffic, system reboot
o [2004/02/24] i386/63305  i386        reading udf filesystem on dvd+rw leads to
o [2004/02/24] i386/63313  i386        sk driver panics on boot with SK-9844 dua
o [2004/02/27] i386/63467  i386        Sil 3114
o [2004/02/29] i386/63521  i386        5.2.1 doesn't detect drives on SATA contr
o [2004/03/03] i386/63678  i386        5.2.1 installation hangs on t30
o [2004/03/08] i386/63941  i386        Device/vendor quirks for iRiver iFP-595T(
o [2004/03/09] i386/63992  i386        XFree86 4.3 don't start
o [2004/03/12] i386/64183  i386        5.1-RELEASE Install hung at "Probing devi
o [2004/03/19] i386/64450  i386        Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE (PCI) bu
o [2004/03/22] i386/64572  i386        kernel panic when running ifconfig in per
o [2004/03/25] i386/64680  i386        5.2.1 pci-cfgintr steals serial mouse irq
o [2004/03/25] i386/64697  i386        5.2.x BTX loader halts with Promise FastT
o [2004/03/25] i386/64720  i386        tail will not ctrl c
o [2004/03/27] i386/64795  i386        Network Adapter not configuring
o [2004/04/09] i386/65360  i386        Installation problem with flashplugin.tbz
o [2004/04/10] i386/65385  i386        Kernel Panic upon boot
o [2004/04/14] i386/65523  i386        [patch] PXE loader malfunction in multipl
o [2004/04/18] i386/65691  i386        fxp0: device timeout
o [2004/04/19] i386/65774  i386        Cannot run repair disk when booted from U
o [2004/04/19] i386/65775  i386        Transmeta crusoe without longrun panics w
o [2004/04/19] i386/65783  i386        Panic when attaching card reader to USB p
o [2004/04/22] i386/65896  i386        5.2-RELEASE re(4) driver, kernel panic on
o [2004/04/23] i386/65920  i386        Mounted Netware filesystem behaves strang
o [2004/05/04] i386/66248  i386        FreeBSD bootloader is confused by booting
o [2004/05/04] i386/66249  i386        Constant 1.00 loadavg without apparent ca
o [2004/05/06] i386/66306  i386        pnpbios_identify() queries for more devic
o [2004/05/07] i386/66350  i386        sysinstall create a partition of subtype=
o [2004/05/07] i386/66368  i386        no 4.9 install because MODE_SENSE_BIG tim
o [2004/05/19] i386/66876  i386        [patch] Cannot extract tar(1) multi-volum
o [2004/05/22] i386/67047  i386        mpt driver does not recognize messages fr
o [2004/05/22] i386/67050  i386        CardBus (PCI ?) resource allocation probl
o [2004/05/27] i386/67273  i386        System Hangs with acpi and Xfree
o [2004/05/28] i386/67277  i386        Realtek Gigabit Network Card is not detec
o [2004/05/28] i386/67281  i386        crash when cofiguring xfree86 4.3 on free
o [2004/06/01] i386/67469  i386        src/lib/msun/i387/s_tan.S gives incorrect
o [2004/06/05] i386/67587  i386        Unable to install Freeebsd 5.2.1 on Compa
o [2004/06/09] i386/67739  i386        smth was broken in keyboard processing si
o [2004/06/09] i386/67760  i386        [PATCH] Getting AGP/DRM working for VIA K
o [2004/06/09] i386/67763  i386        PCMCIA: MELCO manufacturer code should be
o [2004/06/11] i386/67833  i386        4.10 does not boot after enabling SMP
o [2004/06/13] i386/67901  i386        PS/2 mouse probrem
o [2004/06/14] i386/67933  i386        splay tree searching predictable

103 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2002/07/24] i386/40958  i386        apm on Acer TravelMate 351 could not resu
o [2002/08/21] i386/41856  i386        VESA splash screen problems on ThinkPad 2
o [2003/05/14] i386/52249  i386        [PATCH] Bootmanager shows NTFS partitions
o [2003/05/18] i386/52408  i386        quitting gnome2-2.2.1_1 results in LOR
o [2003/05/19] i386/52427  i386        DVD replay under MSI "655 MAX" mobo inter
o [2003/06/05] i386/52971  i386        bad macro LIST_HEAD in /usr/include/sys/q
o [2003/06/11] i386/53200  i386        5.1-RC1 SMP kernel boot gags at "APIC_IO:
o [2003/06/14] i386/53324  i386        pam_group problems (PAM_RUSER used instea
o [2003/06/30] i386/53930  i386        showmount doesnot show nfs exportlist on 
o [2003/07/17] i386/54595  i386        emu10k1 sound driver locks system
o [2003/09/23] i386/57125  i386        Comment to IPSEC_FILTERGIF in LINT is now
o [2003/10/09] i386/57783  i386        UINT32_MAX is missing from FreeBSD 4.X
o [2003/10/31] i386/58784  i386        ATA DMA fails and vx0 creates panic
o [2003/11/10] i386/59147  i386        USB active extension cable not recognized
o [2003/11/23] i386/59600  i386        [PATCH] Improved us.emacs.kbd mapping
o [2003/11/29] i386/59806  i386        [patch] Suspend/resume breaks em0
o [2003/11/30] i386/59854  i386        System panics when AGP device is loaded
o [2003/12/17] i386/60319  i386        read error 34/0 during installation, SYST
o [2003/12/27] i386/60633  i386        It would seem that if you're running a sy
f [2003/12/27] i386/60637  i386        /etc/resolv.conf not created after fresh 
f [2003/12/28] i386/60643  i386        5.2 RC2 disk1 ISO will not boot on an Asu
o [2003/12/29] i386/60702  i386        can't boot 5.2-RC2 iso's to install
o [2004/01/02] i386/60817  i386        FBSD-5.1/5.2-RC1 "fdc0: cmd 3 failed at o
o [2004/01/05] i386/60919  i386        No login possible (sporadic)
o [2004/01/06] i386/60963  i386        [PATCH] Win32 Applications abort on PECOF
o [2004/01/07] i386/61005  i386        The Boot Manager  in FreeBSD 5.2RC can't 
o [2004/01/11] i386/61219  i386        installation of 5.1 stalls at "Mounting r
o [2004/01/12] i386/61239  i386        bootp enhancement, places the dhcp tags i
o [2004/01/12] i386/61253  i386        panic: page fault on installation freebsd
o [2004/01/13] i386/61308  i386        Maxproc Limits counts Zombie Processes wh
o [2004/01/14] i386/61348  i386        Adaptec 1460D PCI SCSI Card does not work
o [2004/01/16] i386/61442  i386        Highpoint RocketRAID 1520 uses only UDMA2
o [2004/01/17] i386/61481  i386        a mechanism to wire io-channel-check to u
o [2004/01/20] i386/61603  i386        sysinstall: wrong geometry guessed
o [2004/01/22] i386/61703  i386        ACPI + Sound + Boot = Reboot
f [2004/01/24] i386/61821  i386        Errors in installation
o [2004/01/24] i386/61838  i386        Realtek -8139C Card Not Supported
o [2004/01/24] i386/61843  i386        Intel PRO/100 VE adapter is not recognize
o [2004/01/25] i386/61858  i386        bus_dmamap_sync with BUS_DMASYNC_POSTREAD
o [2004/01/25] i386/61889  i386        Have to reinsert pccard after reboot
o [2004/01/27] i386/62003  i386        make /boot/loader "reboot" code same as r
o [2004/01/28] i386/62042  i386        ipfw can't no more reject icmp (icmptypes
o [2004/02/05] i386/62381  i386        'ad' driver notebook Intel PIIX4 Fujitsu 
o [2004/02/08] i386/62502  i386        panic under double loading vinum.ko modul
o [2004/02/11] i386/62699  i386        fstat randomly crashes with "out of memor
f [2004/02/14] i386/62832  i386        X keyboard bug
o [2004/02/14] i386/62855  i386        AE_NO_ACPI_TABLES on systems that (purpor
o [2004/02/17] i386/62977  i386        Mouse daemon during install/setup
o [2004/02/22] i386/63226  i386        i want to config my new kernel with IPFIR
o [2004/02/25] i386/63334  i386        make kernel error
o [2004/03/02] i386/63628  i386        patch to i.386 master boot record to allo
o [2004/03/03] i386/63721  i386        VT6103 NIC broken since 5.2
o [2004/03/05] i386/63815  i386        boot loader waste a lot of time (10 min) 
o [2004/03/23] i386/64626  i386        AP initialization problem on GIGABYTE GA-
o [2004/04/03] i386/65124  i386        Unable to disable TERM_EMU cleanly
o [2004/04/13] i386/65493  i386        [patch] make sys/boot/{i386,pc98}/lib{i38
o [2004/04/14] i386/65528  i386        mouse cursor disapears on moving
o [2004/04/18] i386/65729  i386        Document machdep.hlt_cpus sysctl
o [2004/04/25] i386/65973  i386        Problem logging in to the NIS slave and N
o [2004/05/07] i386/66365  i386        atapi
o [2004/05/14] i386/66642  i386        pcm0: play: 0: paly interrupt timeout, ch
f [2004/05/21] i386/66996  i386        Problem with CD/DVD ROM
o [2004/05/21] i386/66997  i386        Problem with Broadcom BCM5705M and FreeBS
o [2004/05/21] i386/67011  i386        [patch] MFC of vpd driver for IBM xSeries
o [2004/05/22] i386/67055  i386        Mouse (wheel) detection problem on SIS748
o [2004/05/25] i386/67172  i386        w,finger display the remote host incorrec
o [2004/05/30] i386/67383  i386        do a better job disassembling code in 16 
o [2004/06/03] i386/67521  i386        buildworld issues (bin/csh tcsh)
o [2004/06/05] i386/67603  i386        No driver found: PCMCIA Cardbus, D-Link D
o [2004/06/06] i386/67627  i386        gbde kernel panic
o [2004/06/08] i386/67703  i386        Cdparanoia crashes and forces reboot
o [2004/06/09] i386/67770  i386        X11 kills system after upgrade to 5.2.1

72 problems total.

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