CLDR import for src/share/*def definitions

J. Vicente Carrasco -Bixen- carvay at
Mon Jul 6 19:09:45 UTC 2009

Wolfgang Zenker(e)k dio:
> Hi,
> * Edwin Groothuis <edwin at> [090702 00:37]:
>> I have been playing with the CLDR database to see if I can get the
>> monetary, time, messages and numerical definitions right. The CLDR
>> is in UTF-8, I use iconv to translate to other charactersets.
>> So far most of it is fine, except (subset of issues):
>> - A couple of languages are not known (es_FR, es_IT)
> what do you mean by "not known"? Both locales specify a spanish language
> locale, one for use in  France and one in Italy. There might even be no
> different language contructs from es_ES, just different ways to format
> dates ore something like that.


Maybe I'm missing something, but as a Spanish native speaker I can't 
understand why we (the Spanish-speaking community) could need locales as 
es_FR or es_IT or even why would be necessary for the French and Italian 
speaking world. Is something like en_ES, no_IT or de_RU. Why the heck is 
that? ;-)

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