Query about the usage of FreeBSD mirror sites for other projects

Thomas Abthorpe tabthorpe at FreeBSD.org
Tue Feb 21 02:39:27 UTC 2012

Greetings mirror maintainers and others.

Recently, a question came up within our community, should we be using
other project sites for distfile fetching?  Sites like Debian and Gentoo
mirror many of the tarballs we use for our ports.

I engaged the infrastructure people and the mirror maintainers at the
Debian and Gentoo projects, and the answer was simply yes, feel free to
use them for your purposes, basically use but don't abuse it, standard
rules of the sandbox :)

Which now rather begs to ask the question, what is the opinion of our
mirror maintainers?  How do you feel about non-FreeBSD projects using
our resources?  Our community supports and sponsors some of these sites,
should others be allowed to use them?

Please feel free to reply publicly, and private emails directly to me
will be held in the strictist of confidence.

I am curious to see how our people feel on the matter.

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.


Thomas Abthorpe		| FreeBSD Committer
tabthorpe at FreeBSD.org	| http://people.freebsd.org/~tabthorpe
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