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Paul Stewart pstewart at
Tue Apr 26 18:30:22 UTC 2011

Thank you very much.


We would be very happy to provide rsync to others – as heavy users of open source software, we felt that by building a mirror cluster we could “donate” bandwidth and resources back to projects like FreeBSD (and many others)


Please let us know if you hear anything – much appreciated.





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Hi Paul!


From my initial research, it would appear to me that you are perfectly suited for a tier-1 mirror, which could possibly allow you to access ftp-master via rsync.


You're already 'official' ( although the documentation hasn't quite caught up to that yet. 


Are you willing to allow others to mirror from you, and allow rsync access? If so, and you feel you fit the requirements outlined in the reference below, i'd recommend that you petition for Tier-1 status and access to ftp-master, which would theoretically also add you to the rsync ACL on that server.




If you decide to go that route, let me know and i'll sent a note to mirror-admin on your behalf.



( administrator)


On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:20, Paul Stewart <pstewart at> wrote:

As a new mirror I'm finding it difficult to find a good rsync source - we prefer rsync because that's what we use for all the mirrors we carry.

Is there any good North American rsync servers we can pull down from?

I'm happy to open up rsync access to our FreeBSD mirror for others.... just having a hard time getting everything synced right now - I was rsyncing from and for couple of weeks haven't been able to connect.  Now I'm pulling the remaining from but that's far from ideal (is appreciated of course though).

Thoughts on sources?



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