Sorry state of the rsync based CVS,replication

Kevin Day toasty at
Thu Nov 11 19:39:09 UTC 2010

On Nov 11, 2010, at 10:16 AM, Ken Smith wrote:
> As others have reported this was caused by the permissions on the
> Attic directories not including world read permission.  For sites
> where it was working it's actually an indication they're not following
> "best practices" for a mirror site.  It's typically a bad idea to have
> the thing that allows access to the content of the mirror site running
> with the same credentials as what keeps the mirror site up to date.  We
> don't use the 'feature' that allow for (pre-staging content that the
> world shouldn't have access to for a period of time, allowing the mirror
> sites to get fully populated before the release date) but I know of
> other projects that do.  The ftp-master machines don't have that in
> place because they're not public and they need to allow the blessed
> mirrors access to everything (for the purposes of pre-staging, if we
> were actually using that feature...).

Just to avoid making this even more confusing to those wondering why it was working in my post:

This was working on because we grab a copy of the cvs repository via cvsup, and present that as an rsyncable module. 

Works: rsync -rav .

Doesn't: rsync -rav .
receiving file list ... rsync: opendir "/development/FreeBSD-CVS/ports/chinese/pcmanx/files/Attic" (in FreeBSD) failed: Permission denied (13)

"FreeBSD" is our mirror of ftp-master, and "FreeBSD-CVS" is a mirror of our cvsup repo that's we get via the cvsup protocol(correct permissions), not rsync mirrored from unreadable attic directories).

-- Kevin

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