[HEADSUP] more package build uploads coming

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Sun Mar 14 08:06:12 UTC 2010

Some new package sets are coming.  If you are running a mirror, you
should carefully consider which parts of ftp-master you wish to mirror.

In fact, some mirrors are already unable to keep up with the load*.  I
have a survey page at http://portsmon.freebsd.org/portsuploadstatus.py
which tries to track the status.  It is inaccurate due to certain sites
(such as ftp12.freebsd.org) limiting the number of results returned for
various FTP queries.  However, it does indicate that certain mirrors are
already far behind.

As far as portmgr is concerned, the package sets we are most concerned
with being up-to-date on the mirrors are the following, roughly in order:

 - 8-stable for amd64/i386
 - 7-stable for amd64/i386
 - 8.0R for amd64/i386
 - 7.2R for amd64/i386 (soon to be supplanted by 7.3R)
 - "everything else"

(As a reminder, the dirnames are of the form:


and so forth.)

The ones to be uploaded next are going to be:


The first may take another week or two; a preliminary version of the
second is ready now, but I am holding off until after this headsup.
The size of the former is TBA; the size of the latter is 17.4G.  (For
comparison, a complete set for i386 is approaching 30G.)

I have already deleted the following as being stale:


and instead uploaded


Note: at this time I'm considering release packages for sparc64, but no
release packages for either ia64 or powerpc even in the indefinite future
(we simply don't have enough machines to keep those up-to-date.)  Also,
the sparc64-6-stable packages are pretty stale and I am considering
deleting those.  That might help with the space needed for 7.2R.

One more note: we generally overlap release package sets, e.g., we won't
delete 7.2R until 7.3R is out the door and no major problems have been
reported.  Your peak disk space needs will reflect this.

Again, you should carefully consider which of the above you have network
and disk bandwidth to store.

Please direct any questions to me.  Thanks.


* analysis of results:

 - I am using "ftp4" as a proxy for being up-to-date.  The code that
   generates this report cannot reference ftp-master directly; ftp4
   seems to be the best proxy.
 - ftp5 is far behind on *-6.
 - I get no results from ftp6, ftp8, or ftp11.
 - ftp9 has stale packages for amd64-8, i836-[678], and sparc64-[68].
 - ftp13's ia64-7 packages are stale ... not that it mattters, they are
   in the process of being deleted.
 - ftp14 is far behind on everything.

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