Request: Please hook up IPv6 to cvsup mirrors

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Fri Oct 2 14:11:19 UTC 2009

On 2009.08.24 15:31:19 -0700, Doug Barton wrote:

> I've also noticed that the cvsup mirrors that I use most often all
> have IPv6 addresses associated with them. I see this on startup:
> Connecting to
> Cannot connect to 2001:4f8:fff6::30: Connection refused
> Connected to

He, that's actually  I suspect that just got an
IPv6 adress with the rest of the Y! systems and nobody
remembered to to hack up netcat :-).  We do use netcat on so it's a simple copy/paste fix.

I will try to remember to fix that over the weekend.  When I forget,
feel free to poke me.

Simon L. Nielsen
Hat: clusteradm

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