John Polstra jdp at
Thu Jan 22 09:51:20 PST 2009

Ken Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 18:04 -0800, John Polstra wrote:
>> Folks, the has filled up its hard drive.  I have 
>> disabled its cvsupd and I doubt that it will be coming back.  The 
>> machine is a 400 MHz Pentium II that must be 10 years old, at least.  I 
>> no longer live in Seattle where the machine is located, and can't 
>> replace it or maintain it anymore myself.  Could the DNS record be 
>> redirected to another CVSup server that can handle some more load?
> I temporarily shifted this to a server I've got here that had excess
> capacity though I'll find a different fix in a little bit.

Thanks, Ken.

> Just checking - what did you have the limit set to for concurrent
> connects?  Given your description of the machine I'm guessing 10-ish?

 From memory, I think the limit was closer to 20.  I just tried to login 
there to double-check, but I got the "WARNING: REMOTE HOST 
IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!" message from ssh.  I haven't changed the 
host key, so I decided to stop right there.  Possibly Randy knows what's 
going on.

> Thanks a lot for having provided the service all these years (not to
> mention everything else you've done cvsup-wise through the years as
> well...).

You're welcome.  I rarely had to do anything to that machine.  It's one 
of the most reliable pieces of equipment I've ever seen.  It's been 
getting hammered by CVSup clients 24/7 for close to 10 years, and it's 
still got all the original parts (even hard drives) except for the RAM, 
which I changed out to ECC early on.  I don't remember it ever crashing. 
  It has been up continuously without any attention from me ever since I 
upgraded it to 4.11 almost 2 years ago.  (Yes, I was paying attention to 
security advisories. :-)


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